Top 5 Wireless Bluetooth Earphones Under $27

Earphones are considered to be the highly used mobile accessory globally. Although it’s not the first time we’ve been introducing to it, and there’s a genuine reason behind using an earphones rather than headphone. 

Headphone consumes are much amount of space and are not portable compared to the earphones and that’s the big reason why lost of the people uses the earphones over the headphones. 

Undoubtedly, there are plenty of earphones available with different norms. We’ll be talking about the wireless earphones that can help you to escape from the wired structure. Also they’re too portable as you can use it anywhere you want. 

Importance of Wireless Earphones

As we’ll know difficult it is to carry a headphones with a big sized. And when it comes tot he earphones it’s more portable. Although the wireless earphones are going trendy nowadays and the reason is it compatibility with multiple devices you use. So your devices don’t need that ugly 3.5mm jack at any instance. 

Also even if you’re far away from your device still the wireless connectivity of the earphone lets you connect with your devices without any hassle. It’s beneficial for those who are supposed to stay away from the devices but wanted to listen to the music. 

What Are The Top 5 Wireless Bluetooth Earphones Under $27

There might be tons of wireless earphones available but we’ve compiled the list of best ones that you could consider buying, so here are they. 

1.MPOW X1.1 Wireless In-Ear Headphones

MPOW X1.1 Wireless In-Ear Headphones

The MPOW X1.1 Wireless in-Ear Headphones are your best friend for music listening, working out, running errands and much more. These earphones are waterproof to IPX5 so they can be used even when you sweat. Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity is supported and the earphones have ph 11mm PET drivers units, which allow you to stream your playlist wirelessly in the highest quality audio possible. 

These earphones can provide up to 10 hours of listening time thanks to a 100mAh built-in battery. MPOWX1.1 has magnetic earbuds that can be worn around the neck while not in use.


  • Get over 10 hours of battery life. 
  • It’s entirely waterproof with IPX5 rating. 
  • You can use it via bluetooth. 
  • It has built in microphone. 

Price:- $22.99

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2.Wireless Bluetooth Earphones 

Wireless Bluetooth Earphones 

By using these wireless earphone you can easily stream music and make calls wirelessly using your smartphone. Wireless Bluetooth Earphones are comfortable and fit comfortably around the neck.

This allows you to go to the gym, clean your house, or just about anywhere else you want. All this while listening to quality, uninterrupted audio. It is specially designed with an in-ear design for maximum comfort and ease of use while accession. 

Although it might be basic in terms of look but when it comes to the usage it’s completely fulfilling at such reasonable amount. 


  • It’s the neck and that you can hang in your next for long time. 
  • Has in built in mic. 
  • Insane bluetooth connectivity. 
  • Long lasting battery life.

Price:- $12.99

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3.Jinx Bluetooth Earphones

Jinx Bluetooth Earphones

Jinx Bluetooth Earphones offer wireless listening convenience with an impressive 8-hour battery life, a comfortable fit and IPX7 waterproof rating. These earphones can be worn comfortably for long periods of time, whether you are commuting to work or going to the gym. 

These earphones have passive noise cancellation technology to block outside distractions. You can also respond to calls quickly with hands-free functionality. So if you’re the one who travels a lot the Jinx Bluetooth Earphones can help you to get rid of the excessive noise coming from background. 


  • Get up to 8 hours of battery backup. 
  • You can easily charge it via micro USB port. 
  • The standby time of the earphones is over 200 hours. .it sports fast charging. 
  • It’s waterproof with the IPX7 so you can use it as per the need. 

Price:- $18.99

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4.Motorola Verveloop 200 Wireless Bluetooth in-Ear Headphones Black

Motorola Verveloop 200 Wireless Bluetooth in-Ear Headphones Black

For those with limited budgets, the verve loop 200 offers a classic in-ear Bluetooth wireless headphones style. Your earbuds will stay in place when not in use thanks to the magnetic tangle-free design. 

You don’t have to be tied down by wires. Enjoy the freedom of being free from your phone. It is designed for comfort all day, and offers up to 6 hours of playtime. It can be used with Siri, Alexa, and Google assistants.

It’s tangle free magnetic design makes it more sustainable and reliable that’ll he’ll you use it for longer time. 


  • It’s compatible with the AI voice searches like siri, Alexa and assistant. 
  • It offers long lasting battery life. 
  • Insane fit with rugged design. 
  • Get up to 6 hours of battery life. 

Price:- $24.99

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5.Origem HS-3 Bluetooth 5.0 HDR Headphones

Origem® HS-3 Bluetooth 5.0 HDR Headphones

Origem HS-3 Earphones allow you to go wild with your workout playlist. The optimized frequency levels allow for an excellent acoustic experience at any volume. It features an innovative voice recognition system that can pick up your voice and respond to your commands instantly. 

Simply say the command to control your music and pick up calls at any time. The Origem HS-3 is a high-tech device that requires only 30 minutes to charge for a continuous 6 hour music playback or a marathon of phone calls. The patented adjustable ear hooks can be adjusted to fit any ear shape.

They are comfortable and secure enough to wear all day without causing discomfort or fatigue. No matter what you do, they will always remain in your ears.


  • Get up to 6 hours of battery life. 
  • rated IPX5 waterproof. 
  • Consists of high frequency speaker. 
  • You can enable a voice assistant. 

Price:- $24.99

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Final Verdict

Due to availability of tons of different wireless earphones it is difficult to select the one that fits in your budget. This post was all about top 5 wireless earphones under $27 that you can purchase. So make sure to click on the link and check them out as per the convenience. 

Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

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