MOZA Air 2 Camera Gimbal Stabilizer – Enjoy Smooth Shooting

Camera gimbals are essential these days in order to maintain the smoothness of the footage. Although there are varieties of brands available in the market serving you a good piece of services that’ll surely help you to enhance your videography skills. 

Through this detailed post, I will take you deep into the review of moza air 2 camera gimbal which is truly portable and budget-friendly. So if you are eager to know more about it makes you stay along with me to the end and I assure you that by the end of the post you will be having the subsequent amount of information that will guide you likewise. 

Why You Need A Gimbal?

Why You Need A Gimbal

Cameras gimbal are essential these days just because no one likes to watch Shakib video footage and in order to make it super, smooth camera gimbal plays a crucial role. Although if you are carrying a 3 axis gimbal one can perform several different functionalities is as per convenience. 

Regardless it is pretty heavy in size but truly portable for camera enthusiasts. 

Detailed Review On Moza Air 2

Moza Air 2

We have compiled the list of its features that makes it unique from other members of there so let’s get into it. 

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When it comes to the gimbals weight is very important and most of the manufacturers used to reduce the weight as per convenience. The high-end manufacturers like Moza and DJI used to promise of serving a lightweight gimbal.

The all-new MOZA Air 2 weighs only 9.25 lbs which is pretty low if you’re looking for a high-end gimbal. It’s more versatile in each aspect. If you are having a camera like Canon m50 or any other mirrorless camera it has the capacity to hold up to 1.6 kg to 4Kg weight that makes true sense. 



Another quick point you need to know is that moza air 2 uses a Li-ion battery 18650 which is replaceable by the company. It provides you a run time of around 16 hours which is pretty good compared to the other competitors in the market. After testing for a while I found that moza air 2 is the perfect choice for filmmakers. 

So if you are having a tight budget and are willing to acquire a high power gimbal for your filming journey then moza air 2 could be the best choice for you. 

3.Build Quality 

While picking up the Gamble it is very essential to Look upon the build quality of it and I assure you that moza air serves you a pretty decent build quality that won’t let you down. It has a perfect grip that will fit in your hand more often. 

Compared to its parent gimbal i.e. Ronin the moza air 2 has a perfect grip that can behold in the hands for a longer time. The joystick of the gimbal is easy to access. 

Due to th tactile feel of the joystick, one can hold it for a longer time. Also, it is a 3 Axis gimbal so you can take various different types of shots using its joystick that makes it stand out of the market. But if you’re a new user then you might get overwhelmed while looking upon its battery compartment which is a little tricky. 

4.Roto Wheel 

If you’re someone who likes to enhance the video footage quality by taking amazing standby shots then Roto Wheel is the best choice out there. You can even customize it as per the convenience and set it up that performs a number of tasks.


Although I’m not sugarcoating the things by saying that Moza Air 2 is very light in weight but if you across the form factor you will get to know that its usability is truly insane that will surely like by you. For every single filmmaker out there the moza air 2 is the best option for indoor as well as outdoor shoes in the direct sunlight. 

Inside the gimbal, you will get access to 8 different modes that can be accessed. Also using its multiple clicks you can lock and unlock it which is a good thing. 


6.Access To Mobile Application

When it comes to usability the all-new moza air 2 has access to the mobile application form where you can handle it wirelessly. It supports Bluetooth connectivity that can be adjusted by heading off to the settings.

Most of the filmmakers use this feature while recording the videos full stop using its mobile application one can handle its aperture, shutter speed, and ISO as well using which one can click better footage. 

Apart from this, you will also get access to its motion timelapse that will make you even more creative in the video production field that can be navigated using the application itself. The application has user-friendly accessibility that won’t confuse you. 


Compatibility is the major factor that will convince you to buy it. It doesn’t matter which camera is used with it be of Canon, Nikon, Fujifilm, Sony, or Lumix you won’t get difficulty while using it as it is advisable to contact the manufacturer if you have any issues regarding its compatibility. 

Using its collection of modes you can even use it for taking good shots. It is truly beneficial while working for brands. So make sure to check it out. 

Final Verdict

Choosing the right gimbal for your camera is very important these days because everyone wants to have a stable footage quality that enhances the video capability. The market is filled with varieties of different types of gimbal that might not fit in your budget due to its extensive pricing. 

Whereas the all-new moza Air 2 is something different which has pretty decent features along with the cheap pricing. All the features are insane that will convince you to buy it and moreover it is pretty cheap compared to the other competitors out there. So definitely give it a try. 

MOZA Air 2 Camera Gimbal Stabilizer - Enjoy Smooth Shooting

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