Lenovo T440 14″ Laptop, 2.6GHz Intel i5 Dual Core Gen 4, 4GB RAM, 128GB SSD, Windows 10 Home 64 Bit (Refurbished Grade B)

Lenovo Laptop THINKPAD T440 ULTRABOOK is a notebook computer, ideal for use as a personal computer. It comes with a standard 14 Inches display and an Intel 4th Gen Core i5 4300U 1.9Hz processor. This Lenovo Laptop model will work well in handling with its 4.2-pound heavy design and smooth black look. Ideal for homework or a family computer, this laptop costs $ 290.


After an in-depth review of the Lenovo ThinkPad T440s, we can say that the T440 uses a lot of the same case, so there are no issues. According to Lenovo, the T440 is just slightly larger than the T440s (+9 mm wide, +25 mm deep, +0.2 mm wide; ~ 0.35, 1.0, 0.1 inches respectively); the suspension of our review weighs 1,720 grams (~ 3.8 pounds), which is 160 grams (~ 0.4 pounds) weighing more than T440 with comparable battery equipment. The largest and heaviest is the T440p.

The stability of the T440 is good, but we can determine the creaking sounds on the right side of the palm rest under steady pressure. The display can be opened with one hand, the hinges are accurate and there is no bump signal. The quality of the construction is excellent, except for one exception to our review unit: We can feel the sharp edge on the leading edge of the base unit, more precisely on the leading edge of the plastic part that fills the base unit. It is a mistake in the process of making an injection, which – in our opinion – should have been re-engineered or reused after the production process or during a recent meeting. Especially if you think this is a sensitive area for device management. Depending on the position of the hands, your wrists can rub on your chassis, which is not at all appealing to us. A well-crafted sharpened paper can improve the situation, but this solution sounds like a joke for a business brochure suspected to be like the T440.

Compared to the previous ThinkPad T430, the T440 is a much simpler and more simple tool, and the design is now simpler and more geometric (no longer clamshell). The surface of the device is well-organized and leaves a high-quality appearance. Lenovo also changed the color scheme to gray, but you can only see that when you compare it to black keys.


After reviewing the ThinkPad T440p siblings and ThinkPad T440s, you might think the ThinkPad T440 is in the middle of those devices in terms of ports. But that is not the case. The T440 uses the chassis of the T440s, which is slightly larger than the Lenovo. The existing ports are similar to T440s in terms of variety, number, and shape, except for one: One USB 3.0 port on the left side is removed, so the T440 offers only two of these ports. The Mini DisplayPort, VGA, LAN, and dual USB ports should be suitable for most situations and the position is also convenient, but the two USB ports represent fully basic equipment. We can only find one explanation for this limit: Lenovo wants to separate the T440 and T440s; The T440 certainly has enough space for the third port.


Lenovo’s ThinkPad T440 can be equipped with all sorts of communication features. This includes a wireless module – in this case provided by Intel (Intel Wireless AC 7260) – with support for the latest WLAN standard 802.11ac. You can also use Intel Wireless Display, Bluetooth 4.0, and 2.4 and 5 GHz networks. Intel also offers an I218-LM module for fast Gigabit-Ethernet connectivity. Depending on the configuration, you can also equip the ThinkPad T440 with the UMTS modem. Our review unit uses the Nokia N5321 HSPA + modem.

We test T440 acceptance for each set and compare it to ThinkPad X220 (Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6205) in conjunction with the PRG AV4202N router. Our first measurement point (5-meter distance (~ 16 meters) from a router with a small wall) shows that both devices are very similar and can use the maximum bandwidth available. The measuring point number 2 (15 meters; ~ 49 feet, 2 walls thin, three-layer glass door) leads to a decrease in up to 50% of the X220, while the T440 still uses about 90% of the available high bandwidth. Measuring point number 3 (15 meters, two solid roofs, several solid walls) is a major challenge. The T440 still offers about 25% of the maximum bandwidth available, the X220 only at 15%.


Good security equipment is mandatory in business notebooks. The T440 offers hardware features such as a fingerprint reader, an integrated TPM chip, and a SmartCard reader (not available in our update configuration). Another safety feature (similar to the predecessors) is a case navigation system and keyboard, respectively. You can see three small openings at the bottom of the base unit where the liquid, which enters the case with the keyboard, can drain without damaging any sensitive material inside the case. ThinkPad can also handle large amounts of liquid.


There are many optional features of the old ThinkPad such as the T440. This includes a few pull stations that extend the range of the port and enable faster communication between the service and the parameters.

Software support: ThinkPad T440 has Windows 7 Pro and Windows 8 Pro licenses (64-bit each).


Older ThinkPads tend to have maintenance covers, but have been removed due to the reduced thickness of the current update – the ThinkPad T440 base unit measures just 15.5 millimeters (~ 0.6 inches) without supporting feet. You only have direct access to the SIM card space on the right side of the case and the second battery on the back. We recommend Hardware Maintenance Manual from Lenovo or a User Guide for T440 if you want to get to the main parts.

After the release of the eight standard Philips screws, you will need to carefully lift the bottom cover (protected by clips) to get to the hardware. You have good access to the heat pipe and fan, which can also be removed if you want to clean it. One memory slot is available for upgrade, and the same applies to a 2.5-inch bay hard drive. Our review unit uses a very small storage solution, but the adapter supports drivers up to 9.5 mm long. Also available for BIOS battery and WLAN and WWAN modules, available on M.2 slots. It is also possible to remove the internal battery, even though it is secured with screws. Outdoor SmartCard reader configuration has another M.2 component with SSD storage under the battery.

Input Devices

Lenovo T440 14" Laptop, 2.6GHz Intel i5 Dual Core Gen 4, 4GB RAM, 128GB SSD, Windows 10 Home 64 Bit (Refurbished Grade B)


Fans of ThinkPad have long had to deal with a redesigned keyboard – a switch from the classic to the island-style keyboard that was popular at the time. Lenovo has promised that the new keys use the same equipment as before and therefore provide standard and simple typing information, as well as direct key lighting instead of retired Think light.

Yes, more than two years later, the current keyboard is still one of the best typewriters. The keyboard of our review unit is similar to the installation of the already updated T440s. We can support many explanations; you get the best typing experience (keys molded). We also want to mention the structure of Lenovo which is slightly different at this point.


The previously unimaginable keyboard, the new ThinkPads keyboard, became a reality, and the market seemed receptive. So the time was ready for the next release – a new touchpad – TrackPoint was needed. Shortly after that, Lenovo introduced its 5-point trackpad for the T431s, which preceded the current T440s. As expected, the public started chatting again.

The TrackPoint buttons provided are now integrated with the touchpad itself, which was very large for retrieval. The touchpad was therefore the preferred (by) maker of the mouse switch. Although this “invention” led to massive public intervention, Lenovo’s long-term plan did not provide an alternative, so all resistance was futile. Today, all models that reach the entry-level of the Edge-series are fitted with a new touchpad.

“What’s next? That’s the official question. Lenovo has already introduced some design changes. For example the flexible keyboard and touch control for the latest design pioneer ThinkPad X1 Carbon?

However, the trackpad itself is one of the best touchpads you can now find on a Windows device. It has a smooth surface like silk, a clear visual movement with well-defined resistance, fine-grained performance, and precision. The beloved TrackPoint, however, has to pay a price. Missing buttons cannot be compensated by a five-click ClickPad.


Lenovo lists four different ThinkPad T440 displays in U.S. descriptions. The entry-level solution is a TN HD panel with a small resolution of 1366×768 pixels, which is optionally available with a touch screen as well. Lenovo charges only $ 50 more for an HD + panel in an online store (U.S.), but a hefty $ 250 for the same panel with a touch screen. Our review unit uses the HD + version with a matte surface (non-touch).


Lenovo has made a bold decision for the current generation of ThinkPad: There are no longer obsolete but powerful office devices, now you get smaller laptops and cell phones with the latest ULV features from Intel. The previous ThinkPad T430 still featured high-performance chips such as the i7-3520M (2.9 to 3.6 GHz, TDP of 35 Watts), but the current T440 is only available with inexpensive ULV CPUs from Intel’s Haswell U-series. The most powerful chip is the i7-4600U, which is also used in our review unit. It runs at 2.1 up to 3.3 GHz at a mere 15 Watts TDP, so the specifications are clear compared to the previous one. However, how big is the CPU performance? What benefits can you expect?

Lenovo only uses Intel HD Graphics 4400 integrated from Haswell processors for graphics. Most functionality is only available on the T440p series, powered by the fastest Intel HD Graphics 4600 (Haswell M) or GT 730M GPU from Nvidia. Considering the standard power CPUs in this system, the p-series is almost closer to the previous T430 than the current T440.

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