The Best 5 Video Doorbells: Smarter Alerts

Security is one of the essential parts of the home that one can’t ignore at this point. Nowadays people are getting more conscious about their house security just because most of the robbers are getting attracted towards the bigger houses and getting their hands into it. In order to rescue out from it, it is better to have a video doorbell that will help you to stay secure.

Undoubtedly there are so many manufacturers out there that used to serve video doorbells along with the smart alert system, it might get you confused that which one to choose among all. In order to help you out, I have decided to share the detailed list of the 5 best video doorbells that you could consider buying in 2021. If that makes any sense to you make sure to stick along with the post till the end and I assure you that you’ll end up having the best set of video doorbells. 

Why Do You Need Video Doorbells? 

As I said before video door Bells Are Not just security steam but along with that you can keep an eye on your house entrance. In the video coronavirus is a smart alert system installed that gives you accessibility to get involved in the security cameras that can be accessed via phone or any other device as per the usage. 

So, without any further ado let’s dive deep into it. 

What Are The 5 Best Video Doorbells? 

Following are the detailed list of 5 best video door Bells that you could consider buying:- 

1. Ring RINGV4 Video Doorbell 4

Ring RINGV4 Video Doorbell 4

Make your front door more inviting using video Doorbell 4. Experience longer battery life and the performance of dual-band wifi with the ability to preview video in color for the entire picture. Start recording before you receive an alert for motion with color Pre-Roll, the first of its kind available for doorbells that are powered by batteries. With up to four extra seconds of color video, you’ll be able to see what transpired before your package arrived or any other movement was identified. You won’t miss a single detail at night or daytime.

It’s easier to answer the door than ever before with quick Replies. Pick from pre-set responses, or request guests to leave a message in only a couple of clicks. It’s like an answering service for your front door.


  • Comes with HD night vision technology. 
  • You can even pair it with an Alexa. 
  • Accessibility of HD video quality. 
  • You can even connect multiple devices with it. 
  • Get instant notification. 

Price:- $212.94

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2. Google Nest DBELLBW Video Doorbell (Battery, White)

Google Nest DBELLBW Video Doorbell (Battery, White)

Check your front door’s security with this white doorbell (Battery) by Nest. The dual-band Wi-Fi doorbell may be powered by the battery included or with the existing wiring for your doorbell to record the video at 960×1280 resolution. It offers a 145-inch diagonal field of view and up to 10 inches of night vision two-way audio, with noise cancellation, and a proximity sensor and motion sensor.

Doorbells are IP54 tested to ensure protection from water splashes and dust. Along with that you also get accessibility of PIR motion and a proximity sensor which is a good thing and takes the overall security to the next level. 


  • Available with around 960 * 1280 resolution at 30 fps which is a good thing. 
  • It’s around IP54 rated dustproof and water-resistant. 
  • Get the dual wi-fi connectivity option. 
  • You can even get up to 10’ of night vision. 
  • It comes with a 145 diagonal field of view. 
  • It has an in-built noise cancellation support. 

Price:- $179.99

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3. Ring RINGRVDCHIME Video Doorbell Wired + Chime – Black

Ring RINGRVDCHIME Video Doorbell Wired + Chime - Black

The package comprises Video Doorbell WIRED as part of Chime to let you answer your door from any location and receive notifications all over your home. Video Doorbell Wired will ensure that you won’t miss any visitor thanks to real-time alerts that are sent directly to your smartphone or tablet. Ring Chime connects to your wall, allowing you to receive notifications from any time people call your doorbell or motion is recognized.

Ring devices are able to protect what is most to you and your home. Connect other Ring products with Alexa-enabled devices, and choose third-party accessories to complete the scope of your Ring of Security. Along with that you also get HD video accessibility and are compatible with a compatible smartphone which is a good thing. 


  • You need to acquire the ring app for using it. 
  • Get access to the wifi for better connectivity. 
  • It has in-built night vision support. 
  • It can easily work with Alexa. 
  • It’s super easy to mount anywhere as per the convenience. 
  • You can even rotate it around 155 horizontal and 90 degrees vertical degrees. 

Price:-  $92.94

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4. Doorbell Camera Wireless, aosu 5MP Ultra HD

video Doorbell Camera Wireless, aosu 5MP Ultra HD

Here’s the next doorbell that comes along with smart security accessibility which is a good thing. Also, the 5MP camera serves you better quality when it comes to the video output. The improved 2K resolution camera is available. Along with that, you get a 3D detection service with a false alert which is a good thing. 

60 days of loop recording serves you a better quality along with that storage capacity, you can get around 180 degrees on a single charge and a built-in rechargeable battery. Due to having a 166-degree field of view that has a package on the ground. 


  • Get access to the 5MP of the camera which is a good thing. 
  • You get around 180 days of battery backup on a single charge. 
  • Due to having a 166° of the field of view th overall view gets increased and enhancement in the security. 
  • It’s entirely compatible with an Alexa which is a good thing. 

Price:- $189.99

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5. eufy Security, Wi-Fi Video Doorbell, HD 1080p-Grade

eufy Security, Wi-Fi Video Doorbell, HD 1080p-Grade

Activity Zone lets you alter the areas that cameras will be able to detect motion. You can set your Activity Zone to just cover the camera’s view to get the notifications that you’re interested in. Watch 3 seconds of video prior to the first alert. You will have a clearer understanding of what took place and increase the chance of identification by a suspect. Record and record up to three instant responses. When you’re notified of the activity, you can choose one of the recorded responses to engage and then give instructions.

Connect your doorbell to Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa and monitor at any time what’s going on outside your door. 


  • Get access to the camera that serves you around 1080p quality. 
  • There are no hidden costs. 
  • It has a real-time responding. 
  • Comes with wifi connectivity. 
  • Build with a sophisticated algorithm. 

Price:- $119.99

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Final Verdict

Having a good quality doorbell is very essential just to make sure the home remains safe. There are too many manufacturers out there serving you kind of similar features and this will surely make you comprised that which one to choose amongst all. Through this detailed post, I’ve shared the list of the 5 best video doorbell that one could consider buying in 2021. So definitely check them out. 

The Best Video Doorbells Smarter Alerts

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