4 Best LG Smart LED TV: With 4K Quality

A good TV will allow you to consume content of great quality. No matter who you’re but TV is one of the essential elements that you can ignore. Although there are so many brands out there trying to defeat each other in terms of services by still some of the smart brands like Samsung, LG, etc. Are putting their effects to compile the market the way they want. 

So if you’re searching for the right TV then it’s better to stick with this post till the end where you’ll get to know about the 4 best LG smart LED TVs that one could consider buying in 2021. Also, the TV served by LG is in good demand so it’s kind of difficult to purchase them through offline stores. 

Why Do You Need LG Smart TV? 

Undoubtedly a couple of decades ago it was a dream to have a good quality TV just because the technology wasn’t the common norm back then but as soon as people got introduced to it the development stage comes. And that’s when we got introduced to the smart TV which is a kind of major upgrade from the normal TV. 

In the present world, you’ll notice a variety of TV types with AMOLED display panel and 4K support as well. And most of the manufacturers used to have an awesome product that they could serve to the audience. But if you’re supposed to hands onto the best TV then make sure to stick with the post till the end in order to get the list of best LG Smart TVs. And I assure you that you’ll thank me later for this. 

What Are The Best LG Smart TVs?

Following is the list of the 4 best LG smart TV that you could consider buying in 2021:- 

1. LG 86UP8770 86 inch LED 4K UHD Smart TV

LG 86UP8770 86 inch LED 4K UHD lg Smart led TV

If you are looking for the most intuitive and good-looking LED TV then you should definitely be hands-on with the LG 86 inch smart TV that offers you great features at affordable pricing. It comes with a 4K Ultra HD display that supports 3840 × 2160 pixels which is a good thing. 

For better connectivity, it also has Wi-Fi connectivity through which you can transfer the data and also connect with other devices as well for better convenience. In order to get access to applications, when can you uninstall it into the TV and access it the way you want. It’s truly compatible with the assistants as well. 


  • The built quality of the TV is pretty good and comes with 4K support. 
  • The quality of the picture is 3840×2160 with LED. 
  • You can even run multiple apps as you want found to be useful. 
  • Get access to multiple assistants like Siri and Google Assistant. 
  • Get access to the WiFi for better connectivity with other devices. 

Price:- $1,696

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2. LG 75UP7070 75 inch UHD 70 Series 4K Smart TV

LG 75UP7070 75 inch UHD 70 Series 4K LG Smart led TV

The next offer on my list is LG 75 inch 4K Smart TV that gives support for Quad-Core processor which can easily serve you 4K quality with smooth and crisp viewing experience which is a good thing. Along with that you also get access to UHD in 4K that enhances the overall video quality. 

Due to having a quad-core process, you get access to the immersive sound experience that serves you a cinema home-like feel with a small investment. Even you don’t even need to have any kind of external speakers installed in order to make it run. The hardware is managed in such a way that you can even run the well-optimized came with the high-end graphics setting. 

It also comes with an ALLM and HGIG that has better enhancement in terms of the quality of the TV. 


  • Get access to the immersive picture quality that has a UHD display with 4K support. 
  • Smoother experience of gameplay without any lag due to having quad-core processor support. 
  • LG channels are available for free. 
  • Get access to the multiple wireless connectivities for the multiple devices connection. 
  • It has an inbuilt filmmaker mode that serves you cinema hall feel on a low budget. 

Price:- $1,096.99

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3. LG 50NANO80UP NanoCell 80 Series 50 inch 4K Smart UHD TV

LG 50NANO80UP NanoCell 80 Series 50 inch 4K LG Smart led TV UHD

The all-new LG 50NANO80UP NanoCell 80 series TH over you better compatibility and support of multiple color options that can be managed likewise as per the convenience. Due to having crystal clear image quality you don’t feel like stopping consuming the content at any instance. Also, the quality of speakers is quite good which serves you theater experience on a low budget. 

All of the OTT platforms like Netflix and LG Channels are provided with a shortcut button on the home screen through which you’ll get direct access. Due to having a Quad Core processor you can enhance the scene in the way you want. Also, the processor installed inside the TV is Quad Core that offers you 4K picture accessibility. 


  • The processor installed inside the TV is quad-core that offers you better enhancement in terms of features and processing power as well. 
  • The TV can easily handle 4K videos without any hassle. 
  • Ideal for the smooth gaming experience. 
  • Due to having an immersive sound quality, you’ll get a theater-like experience on a low budget. 
  • The colors are crystal clear due to having multiple adjustment options. 

Price:- $696.99

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4. LG OLED48A1P 48 inch 4k HDR Smart TV with AI ThinQ

LG OLED48A1P 48 inch 4k HDR LG Smart led TV with AI ThinQ

Enjoy every minute detail with the clear, crisp image delivered through our A7 Gen4 AI Processor with 4K. It adjusts your sound and video settings automatically using AI Picture as well as AI Sound. AI 4K Upscaling is a true calibration of every scene. The quality of images upscaled will differ depending on the resolution of the source. Play games on OLED. Game Optimizer provides you with an easier way to access all of the game settings and includes HDR Gaming Auto-Low-Latency mode and HDR Gaming for an impressive gaming experience.

Experience stunning sound and image that makes you feel as if you’re on the scene by using Cinema HDR Dolby Vision IQ and Dolby Atmos. Watch movies exactly as directors imagined them by using Filmmaker Mode. In addition, with built-in access to Netflix Prime Video Apple TVand Disney+, and LG channels the most popular content is available to you.


  • Get access to the OLED display panel for better viewing of videos. 
  • Comes within build HDR mode. 
  • Get a cinema-like experience due to Dolby Atmos’ sound quality. 
  • Higher processing power in this segment. 
  • Immersive gameplay accessibility. 

Price:- $1,096.99

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Final Verdict

Choosing the right smart TV is very essential just because there are so many manufacturers available in the market that use to offer a variety of different types of television that will show the get you confused a lot. I have been figuring out from the past so many days that which one is the best, and came across a few of the lists that I’ve shared through this post. 

Basically they all belong to LG and serve you better results in terms of video quality. So if you’re about to purchase a smart TV then make sure to hand onto them.

Best LG Smart LED TV: With 4K Quality

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