4 Best Dual Station Charging Docks: Top PS5 and Xbox series Controller Chargers

The trend of using ps5 and Xbox is constantly increasing day by day just because the gaming industry is even and most of the gadgets out there are ideal keeping all of the gamers out there more enthusiastic in every single aspect. 

But charging is one of the major issues that most people usually face a lot. In order to create an order of the controller charged There are several different types of resources available that also include dual station charging docks that are ideal to be used for charging the controllers without any issue. 

Through this detailed post, I’ll be sharing the list of the 4 best dual station charging docks for the PS5 and XBOX that one could consider buying in 2021. If that makes any sense to you make sure to stick with the post till the end and I assure you that you’ll thank me later for this. 

Why Do You Need Dual Station Charging Docks? 

Undoubtedly the use of dual station charging docks is constantly increasing just because it helps you to get the controller charged within a short period of time. Whereas you don’t even have to look for any other charging norm in order to get the controllers charged without any issue. 

But the major issue is that due to the availability of so many different types of charging docks you probably get confused that which one to pick, but as I’ve compiled the list of best amongst all the other charging docks you can choose the one as per the convenience.

Also, the dual charging docks usually consume very low power which is good for the conscious ones. So now without any further ado let’s get deep into the list of dual station charging docks. 

What Are The 4 Best Dual Charging Docks? 

Following is the list of best dual charging docks amongst which you can pick the one:- 

1. PS5 Dual Station Charging Dock

PS5 Dual Station Charging Dock

The very first on my list is PS5 Dual Station Charging Dock has built-in connectors that allow you to safely store the batteries of two PS5 controllers at once without needing to connect them directly to your PS5 system. 

There’s no need to wait for one to get full before charging the second! By using an anti-slip handle you can be sure that your controllers won’t fall off the stand. Its fast-charging feature charges your device quickly. The charger is sleek that matches the style of your console. Also, it is made of ABS material which is a good thing and makes it last for a longer time as well. 


  • Made with an ABS material which is pretty durable in terms of usage. 
  • Get over 30 days of manufacturer warranty in case if you face any of the issues regarding the Charging Dock you can file a case. 
  • Truly portable as you want. 
  • It also supports fast charging and lasts for the longest time as it’s durable.
  • Available in single black color option. 

Price:- $23.99

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2. XBox Series X Dual Station Charging Dock

XBox Series X Dual Station Charging Dock

The XBox Series X Dual Station Charging Dock is equipped with connectors built-in which allow users to charge and store two PS5 controllers simultaneously. By using an indicator LED, users will be able to tell whether it’s charging (red) and when the battery is completely charged (blue). After it’s fully charged, you’ll be able to play up to 20 hours of play. 

The dock is wirelessly charged which means you don’t be concerned about messy tangles created by wires and cables. It’s portable and long-lasting that will allow for easy storage and long-lasting life. It’s made with an ABS material which is truly durable and lasts for a longer time as well. Also, it’s lightweight so that you can carry it anywhere you want as per the convenience. 


  • Made with an ABS material that’s pretty durable and long-lasting as well. 
  • Get access to the LED indicators that one can use for the indication purpose. 
  • Get over 20 hours of gameplay on a single charge. 
  • You can even charge two controllers at once which is definitely a dealbreaker. 
  • Get over 30 days of manufacturer warranty. 

Price:- $26.99

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3. PS5 Controller Charger Station

PS5 Controller Charger Station Charging Docks

The next hop on my list is ps5 controller charging station that comes with multi charging support that inputs a power of 5 volt which is a good thing. Due to having fast charging support your controllers will get charged just within a while without any issue. The replacement guarantee is available for better convenience. 

Get access to the portable stand that you can use for mounting the controls. It has type-C input support for better reliability and usage. The charger includes an AC power adaptor for reliability and charging as well. You’ll get over 3 years of warranty and friendly customer care support as well. 


  • Get access to the 3 years of manufacturer warranty for better convenience. 
  • The unique LED indicators are also available that serve you a better indication. 
  • Ideal for the PS5 controllers to get it charged. 
  • Get access to a portable stand to mount the controllers. 
  • Get dual charging dock support. 

Price:- $21.99

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4. OIVO PS5 Vertical Stand with Controller Charging Station

OIVO PS5 Vertical Stand with Controller Charging Docks

Last but definitely not least is the all-new OIVO PS5 vertical stand controller charging station that is being widely used all across the globe for charging the ps5 controller at and higher instance without even consuming as much power. And ideally, most of the pro gamers out there are used to have it. 

Due to having lots of accessory support you can even maintain the workspace by hanging the headphones and other essential stuff on it which is definitely a good thing. Also.it has multiple USB hubs that allow you to charge multiple devices along with the controllers which is definitely a deal-breaking thing. No matter who you’re but you’ll end up liking this product for sure without any issue. 


  • It offers you multiple devices charging support as it has an inbuilt USB hub that can be used likewise. 
  • It’s an intuitive hub to charge the PS5 controllers at a higher instance. 
  • It also has cooling fans along with the charging support. 
  • Get access to high-speed charging stations as per the convenience. 

Price:- $36.99

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Final Verdict 

In order to use the ps5, it is very essential to have a great controller and make it charged as it is a wireless controller. Although you might get access to a charging cable it might take long hours to charge a single controller so it’s essential to have a great charging dock that can be used likewise to charge a couple of controllers at once without any issue. 

Best Dual Station Charging Docks

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