Xpods Pro True Wireless Earbuds + Charging Case

Earbuds are more than just a music device, they have grown into a portable device, a way to enhance your smartphone experience. Earbuds are an essential item for most smartphone users. Most of us stick to our devices for at least half a day, listening to music on the go or watching videos on a tablet, laptop, or phone. Our Earbuds are more than just an accessory – they add to us. The right couple will let you listen to music at a full coffee shop or enjoy a very late-night movie without disturbing your sleeping partner.

If you are still using earbuds that come with your phone or another gadget, you may want to think about improvement. You have so many choices these days: from small, earrings that fit into a shirt pocket to large, over-ear models that can help you immerse yourself in music and make you look (and maybe feel!) Like a DJ. And some models completely skip the ropes, leaving nothing but the atmosphere between you and your music.

Many earbuds have a different design that creates dry sound, often referred to as “sound cancellation.” Active audio cancellation models are in progress. These battery-powered earbuds use a microphone to monitor external sound waves and then emit similar frequency signals. Some work with noise reduction, so you can still use them when the batteries die, while others only work with noise cancellation.

That’s why we brought you earbuds from Naztech.

Naztech’s strategy is to maximize the performance of current market leaders, wrap up with a design that is not a million miles away from current market leaders, and charge less than current market leaders.

Of course, for this strategy to work Naztech needs to pack it working not a million miles away from current market leaders. And that is always a trick, isn’t it?

If the simulation is a sincerest compliant option, there are two leading wireless phones on the market – canceling earphones that should make you feel happy with the Xpods

Naztech was able to deliver them at a lower price than Sony’s favorites without the appearance of a show-build quality. The  not only feel insignificant, with high-quality plastics, but everything intended for twisting, folding, or otherwise speaking makes you silent.


The leather of the ear and the inside of the headband is soft – and while some may carry it after a heavy cover inside the belt, it is easy to feel comfortable inside these Naztech Xpods . Weighing 235g is not harmful in this category, either. And if not used,  will bend down.

Naztech kept the design minimal rather focused on visual value. And in that sense, the s is real money saver – they look and feel like you’re getting your money’s worth. If you want to make good progress when it comes to luxury money or jewelry, you will have to spend a lot more than that.

Build Quality

Naztech try to give you the bulk of the features offered by the pricier, the best Xpods on the market. And here, too, the company has the right things. It has an excellent build quality, which makes it to look more premium and high quality.

It also helps with battery life – Naztech claims to play 30 hours from a single charge when active audio cancellation is turned off.


The sound cancellation is aided by a few mics in each earcup, and the program itself is done by tapping the appropriate cup. There are three stages of audio cancellation: ‘on’, ‘off’, and ‘ambient sound’, which ultimately discard music and amplify foreign sound. One tap on the face of the earcup cycles through these settings.

That right ear can also be used to increase the volume up or down and this is where most of your communication takes place. There is a hard / slide button used to turn on / off, Bluetooth pairing, voice activation, or forward / backward. There is also a 3.5mm installation in case you are not careful enough to allow the battery to continue operating.

Behind each ear of memory (and rapid heating) is a neodymium driver on a 40mm edge that delivers sound. Naztech rides a wide range of 7Hz to 40Khz waves for this driver – but far from the manufacturer can be underestimated by specs at times.

Audio quality

It would be better to start with how the PH805 handles sound, rather than to transmit sound because this aspect of their performance may be attractive. Switching the active audio cancellation between ‘off’ and ‘on’ makes an undeniable difference, but it’s not just a big difference as we expected and expected.

If one of your major concerns when choosing your next Xpods is audio cancellation functionality,  may not be yours. Not only do they oppose the loud outside noise as their rivals – not only class leaders but also dozens of other Xpods that work as well. The audio quality of these Xpods Pro True Wireless earbuds are very great and provides you an excellent experience.

Go beyond that, however, and Naztech’ has much to offer. With the MQA-Tidal Master file and Miguel’s Happy Dance streaming file, they sounded as important and fast in the end as the music demanded. There is a good tone variation in the Naztech bus re-production, and much attention is paid to starting and setting individual notes to make the virtuoso play as this sound goes hand in hand.

The same recording draws attention to the way Naztech’ handling the side from the side of the frequency range, too. Treble sounds are slightly removed, making the sound warm and welcoming. 

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