Bring Professional Lighting to Your Video Calls With This Trio

With more and more of us working from home, finding the best lighting during our essential work calls can be challenging. Bring out your most professional self during your next conference meeting or virtual interview with the Pictar Home-Office Kit. This professional-quality trio is now price-dropped at 35% off. Rated 4.4/5 stars on Amazon, these best-selling gadgets … Read more

These 3-Layer Masks Filter Out 95% of Germs and Particles

As we are all aware, wearing face mask coverings while out in public is now strongly recommended — and in some areas even mandated — to help slow down the spread of the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). This list of approved coverings includes KN95 masks (not to be confused with N95 covers, which should be reserved for medical professionals). … Read more

Keep Cool All Summer With This Money-Saving Portable Device

As the temperatures rise during the summer, our electricity bills many times rise as well. If you’re looking for a solution to keep crisp, but don’t want to pay the high prices, this personal cooler may be your solution. evaLIGHT Plus: Personal Air Cooler + Cartridge brings high-quality cooling to any room, without all the high costs. … Read more

Reduce Your Exposure to Germs With The CLEANKEY™ Tool

Continually washing our hands (especially after touching any surface) is extremely important these days. Germs can be lurking in some of the most unexpected places, making us want to take extra precautions to stay safe and healthy. Whether you’re going out to buy groceries, or you simply need to unlock your phone, the CLEANKEY™ Tool is here to … Read more

This Pocket-Sized Projector Will Change How You Watch Movies

Ready for another night of social distancing? Take your movie night or binge-watching marathon to a whole new level and set up your own cinematic experience at home with the compact PIQO Powerful 1080p Mini Projector, now at 64% off. Compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, and iMac, this remarkable gadget provides endless content at your fingertips. … Read more

This Handy Car Holder Doubles as an Emergency Safety Tool

While we never think it will happen to us, the truth is we never know when we’ll encounter an emergency while driving. The issue with emergencies, however, is we often forget where we place vital tools whenever there is a situation, defeating the purpose of our safety device purchases. Industry-leading Stinger™ brings a handy 3-in-1 solution that … Read more