Hp Elitebook 9470M Laptop, 1.80 GHz intel core i5 Dual-core gen 3, 4 GB

Nowadays, laptops are way too expensive and overpriced as compared to the past. People tend to buy used laptops these days as they are not that much expensive and has a great price to performance ratio.

HP Elitebook 9470M Laptop Computer, 1.80 GHz Intel i5 Dual Core Gen 3, 4GB DDR3 RAM, 128GB SSD Hard Drive, Windows 10 Home 64 Bit, 14″ Screen is a great used laptop to buy. It was released at the beginning of 2013. When it was released it was the best laptop of its time and provide great performance. It was released at 1000 to 1300 $. The laptop was targeted to an audience that demands high performance and work efficiency. The laptop was a great device of its time which provides the maximum performance in 2013.

Nowadays, this laptop is much cheaper and easier to get. The price of a used Hp Elitebook 9470M is between 200$ to 300$. It is a great option in terms of a used laptop and provides a good performance according to its price. The laptop is now have become much more affordable and is popular in the budget segment.

The used Hp Elite book Folio 9470M is a very popular used laptop nowadays and is considered a budget option. 

Specifications of HP Elitebook 9470M

Here a some of the specs that HP Elitebook 9470M features:

  1. The HP Elitebook was released with an Intel Core i5 3rd generation processor that has 2 cores and 4 threads.
  2. In terms of RAM, it has 4 GB of RAM which suits its processor very well doesn’t create a bottleneck situation.
  3. The HP Elitebook 9470M has 720p resolution webcamera.
  4. The laptop comes with Intel HD graphics of 4000. As the laptop was targeted towards a business purpose audience, not towards video game lovers.
  5. The laptop has a battery life of 6 hours. Which is good for a budget laptop.
  6. HP Elitebook 9470M was featuring a Windows 8 at the time of its release which was up to the standard of that time.

Performance and Design of HP Elitebook 9470M

Hp Elitebook 9470M

The laptop at the time of its release was designed for high performance. But now the laptop features somewhat good performance to today’s standards. 

1. Size and design

In terms of design and size, the laptop is quite bulky as it was released in 2013 that was expected. The laptop has an outdated design as compared to the modern standard is quite old looking but it is a low-end device nowadays so we can’t complain about that too much.

2. CPU performance

When it comes to raw Cpu performance, the laptop provides good performance in its price tag and doesn’t disappoint and provide the performance which was expected from it. The laptop scores 4,496 on PC mark 7. The Cpu matches greatly with its 4 GB data RAM. I Know 4 GB Ram is low in modern days but you can’t any more than that from a 2013 laptop.

3. SSD performance

The biggest pro of this Laptop is that it features an SSD. Which makes it much faster and easier to operate. It’s SSD loads of windows and programs very faster. It takes it to load its stock OS of Windows 8 in just 21 secs which very much according to modern standards.

The SSD also provides a speed of 4.97 GB at mixed media file. That is a rate of copying at 118.4 MBps. This is quite high speed from an SSD that much older.

4. Graphics performance

The laptop features Intel HD graphics of 4000 chips. These integrated graphics are not capable of doing as they weren’t capable at its time of release.

5. Battery life 

The laptop provides a battery life of 6 to 7 hours. Nowadays, it depends upon the condition of its battery. But a battery life of 4 to 3 hours is expected which is not that much worse for a used laptop.

6. Display quality

HP Elitebook 9470 M has a display of 1080p resolution and it is good as today most of the laptop also has a 1080 display. In its price range, it provides a great display resolution.

The laptop is decent in terms of performance according to its price performs really well. But it is a little bit behind in terms of design and Looks as it is much bulky and heavy.

Price of HP Elitebook 9470 M

Nowadays, HP Elitebook 9470 is available in the markets with the price range of 200 $ to 300 $ which provides you the best value for money. If we see the performance of this device, this price tag is not bad. It also features the SSD which enhances its performance and operating speed with a battery life of 6 to 7 hours which makes its price valuable in markets as compared to some other used devices that are available in markets. 

This device is best for the people who are looking for the best-used laptops available in markets with low prices. To its features, its performance is almost the same as some new laptops that are available in markets within the budget range of 200 to 300 $. However, if you are looking for the best device nowadays, this is a very good budget-friendly device with the best performance record. 


This is a good laptop for students who wants a budget laptop and can afford to compromise on performance. Then you can easily go with this laptop as it suits your needs and budget also.

If you wanted a little bit of more performance. You can wait for some time to save a little bit of your money than I will recommend you that try to go with a new laptop that will cost you a little bit more but that will also provide you much better performance and experience than this.

If you need a laptop right now at a very low budget then I will definitely recommend you to go with HP Elitebook 9470M. You will never regret buying it and will be a good investment for you.

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