Hp Elitebook 9480M 14 inches laptop, 1.9 GHz intel i5 Dual-core generation 4 8GB RAM 

A laptop is getting expensive day by day with the current covid 19 pandemic. The majority of people are working online. By this, laptops are also getting much difficult to find. So if you wanted a good performance but your budget is low then you don’t have many options other than buying a used laptop.

That is why people are going with the used laptop and the market of the used laptop is getting bigger day by day and people are going towards used Laptops and getting high performance from the used laptop at a very low amount of price as compared to the new laptop that is way too much expensive.

Hp Elitebook 9480M is also a good option for used laptops. The laptop was great for traveling purposes as it was not that heavy and only weighs around 3.56 pounds. The laptop is a great budget option in terms of used laptops. It is a very tough laptop that was very good high-performance usage. Although it is a tough laptop it doesn’t mean that it was a piece of brick. It is a quite thin laptop. The laptop provides a very high connectivity option with high-speed USB 3.0 ports to attach peripherals devices. The laptop also comes with a huge 14 inches LED display which was supported by Intel HD graphics. 

Specifications and design of HP Elitebook 9480M 

The laptop has good specifications according to its price tag. Here are some of the specifications of the laptop.

  1. In terms of processor, the laptop has a powerful intel core i5 4310U processor. That has 2 cores and 4 threads which provides a great performance.
  2. The laptop supports a fast 8GB of DDR 3 RAM that is perfectly suited with its processor completely and doesn’t create any kind of bottleneck.
  3. In terms of storage, the laptop has 256 GB storage.
  4. In terms of design, the laptop is compact and stylish at the time of its launch. The laptop has dimensions of 9.12×13.3×0.7 inches.
  5. As stated above, the laptop is compact and comparatively lightweight. With a weight of just 3.5 pounds.

The laptop has much to offer for its price tag and especially it’s a used laptop it is now much more value for money.

Performance of HP Elitebook 9480 M

This laptop provides decent performance which a large display of 14 inches screen coated by a glare-resistant which provides the best performance in any kind of lighting environment, with HD graphics without any kind of error. The Keyboard of this device is very comfortable and makes it more valuable to work in dim light or even in a full dark environment. 

Furthermore, the performance of this device is very good that if you are using it constantly for 11 hours and three minutes, it works properly and able to maintain its power for 11 hours before the warning alarm sounded. The laptop has been a power-efficient device as it provides a battery life of 11 hours which more than enough. As no one will be using a laptop for 11 hours straight and you will be charging between.

The storage of HP Elitebook 9480M is 256GB SATA which is quite high storage for any kind of user. This storage is enough to enhance the performance of this device. The storage is although less but it is fast.

The laptop has an 8GB DDR3 SDRAM with a processor of 2GHz intel core i5 4310U. The combination of both these parts provides a decent amount of performance.

Moreover, the dimensions of this device are 9.1×13.3×0.7 and its weight is 3.56 pounds which is very convenient to carry for students and travelers that are looking for a small device to carry with them on daily basis.

As you all know the main reason for a laptop is portability and not performance. The laptop is especially meant for an audience that requires more portable as laptops are for probability and not meant to provide a high quality of performance as much as a desktop computer.

The laptop has a decent performance in all of the fields and performs very well. In terms of gaming performance, the laptop has not been made for a gaming Audience so we can’t expect that much gaming performance by this laptop. The laptop only has an integrated GPU which is only dedicated to media consumption and other light graphics initiated work.

Pricing of HP Elitebook 9480M

The price of HP Elitebook 9480M starts from 280 to 320$. The price tag of the laptop is good according to its specifications. The HP Elitebook was released at the price tag of 1000$ which compare to its price now is much higher. The laptop provides a good price to performance ratio as compared to other laptops in used segments.

It provides excellent performance in its price tag and beat all of its other competitors in the used market and provides excellent performance to its users at a very reasonable price.

Final Verdict

This laptop is a great budget option in terms of the used market and provides great performance in a very low price range. But it still doesn’t provide the maximum performance and is not made for gaming or high-performance usage the laptop is targeted to a budget segment of the audience.

The laptop has great features to offer at a very low price tag if you have a budget between 285 to 300 $ you and don’t want to buy a new expensive laptop. You can buy this laptop and it will not disappoint you in any manner.

 As I mentioned above it is not made for gaming purposes. For which most of the budget segment laptops are not made for. The budget segment laptops are targeted to an office usage of laptop and for students so that they can easily maximize their productivity and can take it with anywhere as these kinds of a laptop are very lightweight.

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