Dell Latitude E5540 15″ Laptop, 1.9 GHz Intel i5 Dual Core Gen 4, 4GB RAM, 500GB SATA HD, Windows 10 Home 64 Bit (Renewed)

Despite the high competition and diversity of products, laptops are still expensive enough to be above the average consumer’s range to get a good new device. So the purpose is given to older laptops. That is why we are discussing the Dell Latitude E5540 laptop. That is a budget laptop.

In this article, we are going to do an in-depth review of Dell latitude in various fields from design to performance.


It is immediately clear that the redesigned cable is not the cheapest model – Dell has now moved to those in the Latitude 3000 Series. But you can’t expect any more from a used laptop. The high-end chassis of Latitude 6000 and 7000 laptops remains uneven. The materials used contribute to Plastic wherever the fingers are placed, although it has high quality and pleasant feel. Gorilla Glass protects the screen, and the lid is reinforced with fiberglass but can be twisted to some degree. The lower bouts featured two cutaways, for easier access to the higher frets.

Black, rounded corners, basic but stylish – these few words can be used to summarize the structure of Latitude E5540. It will certainly make a good impression everywhere because of its restricted appearance; buyers looking for something unusual will have to look elsewhere. The construction is acceptable, but we found some unusual spaces to the right of the characters.

All in all, it is an efficient, well-designed tool that can benefit, in a few places, from a solid case.


We’ve got anticipated business laptop communications, which are distributed over the holidays, without any advance. For example, Dell’s Latitude E5540 sports four USB ports, two of which have USB 2.0 and two USB 3.0. Finding the right borderline should not be a problem.

The laptop reads both SD cards and ExpressCards alike. The submarine harbor port allows you to maximize the visibility of the interface, and the laptop can be connected to desktop devices instantly.


Dell cites an example with an installed Wi-Fi module that supports even the latest 802.11 ac standard except for 802.11 a / b / g / n. Bluetooth 4.0 LE completes that. The WWAN card cannot be installed automatically but is available to larger customers upon request.

Wi-Fi module reception is good. Signal strength varied between full and 3/4 reception even within a range of 10 meters (~ 33 meters) and within three walls. The extra wall lowers between 3/4 and 1/2.


The fingerprint reader is a very impressive safety feature. It is located below the right wrist rest area at Dell’s Latitude E5540. Allows limiting laptop access. Module Platform Module has been installed, and SmartCard support is available voluntarily. Alternatively, a secure environment can be created with Software Protected Workspace software, where the browser can be opened and potentially dangerous documents and attackers cannot access the entire system. Dell Data Protection besides provides extended login options and protection from threats from the Internet.


Since the office user will not see the actual box, it does not involve more than a power supply and a laptop. The port replicator is probably the most popular accessory; besides, Dell has standard utilities such as monitors, keyboards, and wallets available.


It is commendable that Dell now offers more models with detailed disassembly instructions. Under Latitude E5540 can only be removed by removing a few screws. The user can access the hard drive, memory, fan, Wi-Fi module, and BIOS battery. The guide also gives instructions on how to separate the camera, screen, and almost everything else. However, the only benefits should do this. Laypeople people will be able to replace the hard drive without problems.


The basic 1-year warranty is included for free, and the options for some warrants are quite wide. Basic support can be upgraded for up to 5 years a maximum of 139.10 Euro (~ $ 192). ProSupport costs about twice as much but includes a single point of contact and phone support for 24 hours. Accidental damage, theft protection, battery warranty: options vary and, depending on usage, are reasonable and sold at a lower price.


Like all wraps, the keyboard is very flexible and features a stroke that will not appeal to everyone. The key to the full-size number and the keys of the square letters with a 15 mm edge length do just that. That enables accurate and fast typing because the key drop is not too short and not too far away. The keyboard has a background light that can be set to four different levels.

Dell also features a few special buttons; for example, a Wi-Fi hardware switch is on the right side of the case, and the volume control panel is above the keyboard. The key over the number pad opens the calculator, and a set of multimedia keys is available.


The ThinkPad was the first, and now many copy it: In addition to the touchpad, Dell’s Latitude E5540 also has TrackPoint between the G, H, and B keys, and has its mouse buttons. Once you are familiar with the rubber nub, working with it is faster and more accurate, especially since it has a third mouse button. As usual, when worn, the rubber cap can be removed and replaced.


The screen in our review model is matte, a 15.6-inch display based on TN LED technology. It has a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels, which is the highest in this price range. Dell voluntarily offers screens with 1366×768 pixels and glossy touch screens in both resolutions.

Dell’s Latitude E5540 is likely to spend a lot of time in the office. As a result, light is less important, but it is much better compared to the comparison field. Lenovo’s ThinkPad L540 alone exceeds the standard 272.9 cd / m². Other than that, 87% of light is the same.

Medium brightness leads to contrast: 503: 1 acceptable or not bright. The same is true for a black level of 0.57 cd / m², which allows dark areas on the screen to look darker and deeper.

Direct analysis using CalMAN and colorimeter instantly reveals a much larger blue stream that cannot be removed by measurement. The grayscales and the color look much blue than they should in terms of the reference color. The fullness of the blue color is also strongly emphasized. Although this remains the same after the measurement, the colors are at least closer to reference values ​​due to the reddish part. Measurements mainly improve the very high conversion of gray to the lowest change from reference values.


Dell equips his Latitude E5540 models with processors from Intel’s Core-i range. However, the manufacturer does not use standard voltage CPUs, but models that use power similar to those used in ultrabooks. They provide enough power for office operation and save energy and battery power at the same time.

Only Intel’s Core i5-4300U can be installed directly on the website, but Intel’s Core i3-4010U is possible with personal communication where you wish. Dell included 8 GB of working memory in our review sample. Both of these banks are complete, but if the 4 GB model is preferred to only one memory bank, it can easily be upgraded to 8 GB afterward.


Intel’s Core 5-4300U has two cores with a 1.9 GHz base clock, and it can operate at 2.9 GHz with a Turbo. The processor is a member of Haswell’s current Intel generation and has a TDP of 15 Watts.

In our experience, the processor not only has enough office applications but also has the functionality of the programs it wants. The comparison of Cinebench confirms this when Dell’s Latitude E5540 was only defeated by ThinkPad L540. It plays a typical Intel Core i5-4200M voltage, with a high clock level. Over and over again, the 6% difference in most comparisons is low.

Navigation with the touchpad also works well. The touch surface is very far to the left and is large enough to measure 90 mm (~ 3.5 inches). The face allows the finger to slide easily and provides two dedicated and beloved keys to apply a clear pressure point.

Dell naturally knows that input devices are the most important form of a business laptop, and has done an excellent job for them. However, the keyboard can be fitted with a much larger size in the following model.

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