6 Best Wireless Keyboards with top features

The demand for computer peripherals is increasing day by day and hence most of the equipment are taking place. Whether it’s wireless or wired gadgets every single one has its own use cases. And we’re glad that to stay you updated every single day by serving the list of essential gadgets that may serve you value in certain instances. 

This time we will be sharing the list of wireless keyboards that serves you Top Notch features. So if you are the one who is searching for the most authentic and genuine wireless keyboards for your PC or laptop them make sure to stick with the post till the end and I assure you that you will be having a list of keyboards amongst which you can consider buying one. 

Why Do You Need Wireless Keyboards? 

Whether you’re a blogger/ digital entrepreneur/ student/ working professional, at some point you might have gone through the issue of using the wired keyboards. No, doubt they’re pretty cheap in terms of pricing and more versatile as well due to no requirement of battery in it. But even though due to its wire you won’t be able to use it at its full resistance. 

Wireless keyboards are termed to be the most relevant source that helps you use it as per the convenience, there are so many different types of wireless keyboards in the market that might get you confused so here we’re to help you out by serving the list of 6 best wireless keyboards that you can look upon. 

Also few of the keyboards are also Bluetooth enabled which don’t even require any sort of dongle in order to connect with the PCs/ laptops but they aren’t more convenient as they consume more batter so we’ve planned on serving the authentic ones. 

What Are The 6 Best Wireless Keyboards With Top Features?

Following are the best wireless keyboards:- 

1. Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard with Touch-Pad

Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard with Touch-Pad

The ultra-light portable keyboard is an ideal gift for someone who travels frequently. The folding design makes the keyboard attractive and practical. its QWERTY arrangement with hotkeys makes working in the field easy. 

Why carry a bulky laptop when you can simply type your reports, emails, or emails using the help of this keyboard along with your tablet or smartphone? The auto-sleep feature lets you fully use the power of your device – up to up to 48 hours of work and up to 560 hours on standby. It’s quick and easy to pair opening to turn on then close to turn off.


  • The quality of martial used is ABD and aluminum alloy. 
  • Weighs only 602oz that makes it super lighter in weight. 
  • Bluetooth enabled. 
  • The battery capacity of the keyboard is 140mAh.
  • Get up to 1 year of manufacturer warranty. 
  • Package includes a user manual, charging cable, keyboard with touchpad. 

Price:- $69.95

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2. Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard with Built-In Stand

Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard with Built-In Stand

Although typing with your smartphone’s screen might be sufficient for texting or tweeting but more verbose activities such as typing lengthy email messages and taking notes during meetings or writing down documents can be exhausting at most. 

You’ll require physical keyboards. This keyboard is the ideal travel companion. Its slim, light and compact design let you carry it with you wherever you go, allowing you to do more work using your smartphone or tablet wherever you go.


  • Made with ABS and Polycarbonate material that makes it more rugged. 
  • Bluetooth 3.0 enabled. 
  • Get up to 1 year of manufacturer warranty. 
  • Up to 80 hours of writing time and 6 months of standby time.
  • The overall finish of the keyboard is matte. 
  • Available in black and silver color. 
  • Compatible with windows, android, and iOS. 

Price:- $69.95

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3. Roller Wireless Rollable Keyboard

Roller Wireless Rollable Keyboard

The keyboard is unique and easy to carry. easily unrolls to use at any time and then roll back to provide mobility anywhere. It comes with a tactile and flexible QWERTY keyboard that has direction and numeric keys, with five rows of keys that makes typing as effortless as using a conventional keyboard for computers. Utilize the built-in cradle feature to attach your tablet or smartphone to allow easy viewing of media while typing. It is compatible with tablets and smartphones up to 10 inches. 

The keyboard is simple to pair using Bluetooth and features an auto switch that can be turned off and on, making it last up to 288 hours. The keyboard also comes with an advanced magnetic switch that automatically turns on the keyboard once it has been opened and then switches into sleep mode after it is closed. It can be used with 3 concurrently connected devices and works on a personal computer (PC or Mac) as well as any mobile device.


  • Easy to pair. 
  • Get upto 1 year of manufacturer warranty. 
  • Portable. 
  • Made with ABS material.

Price:- $61.95

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4. Gotek Slim Wireless Keyboard

Gotek Slim Wireless Keyboard

This Gotek Slim Wireless keyboard is created to improve your typing efficiency. Its lithium battery of 450mAh can give the user up to 100 operating hours with a standby period of 90 days. As you can tell from the name the keyboard is small, slim, and light, so you can comfortably carry it wherever you’re required. 

It’s easy to connect and will remember the last device you used to ensure seamless reconnection using the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology that is used. The keyboard is a 64-key QWERTY layout, with useful keys like search, home cut/copy/paste/copy, as well as multi-media play.


  • The battery capacity is 450mAh.
  • 90 days of standby time. 
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty. 
  • Balck color. 
  • 64 keys. 

Price:- $39.95

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5. Matias Backlit Wireless Multi-Pairing Keyboard for PC

Matias Backlit Wireless Multi-Pairing Keyboard for PC

This Matias Wireless Backlit Multi-Pairing Keyboard with LED for PC is a small wireless keyboard that comes with a variety of options that will enhance your experience when typing. The keyboard comes with a numeric keyboard and rechargeable batteries with an average battery life for the keyboard of 3 months prior to charging. 

There is also a rechargeable backlight battery which can last for several days to two weeks, depending on the usage.


  • Truly wireless. 
  • 1 year of manufacturer warranty. 
  • Made with plastic. 
  • Slim design. 


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6. Matias Backlit Wireless Aluminum Keyboard for Mac

Matias Backlit Wireless Aluminum Keyboard for Mac

Its Matias Backlit Wireless Keyboard is a thin, aluminumwireless keyboard that has similar layout to the well-known Apple Wireless Keyboard. It features a number of options that improve your experience when compared to the standard Apple Wireless Keyboard. 

The aluminum keyboard features an alphabetic keypad, with an average battery life of 1 year, and a backlight function that lasts for 2 weeks before needing to recharge. It can connect up to four Bluetooth devices simultaneously, and switch easily between all four devices at the touch of one button.


  • USB 2.0 port. 
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty. 
  • Compatible with Mac OS. 
  • Wireless. 
  • Made with aluminum material. 

Price:- $139

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Final Verdict 

Keyboards are termed to be one of the essential computer peripheral that you can’t ignore at any instance. Although there are so many different types of keyboards available in many way I think wireless keyboards are the best ones as they offer you great accessibility along with a great built. Through this detailed post, I’ve shared the list of the 6 best wireless keyboards that you could consider buying in 2021. SO definitely check them out.

Best Wireless Keyboards with top features

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