5 Best Wireless Car Charger to Buy in 2021

When it comes to traveling charging your electronic equipment and gears are considered to be the most crucial devices that require regular charging. Well, there are too many charging options available in the market amount which you can choose the one that fits in your budget. 

This post is all about the best wireless charger for your car that you can purchase in 2021. So if you are getting overwhelmed by using the wired charger this post might sort out your issue. The list of wireless chargers consists of the best answer for you that will maintain the sustainability of your electronic device and won’t get any damage in terms of hardware. 

So make sure to stay along with me till the end in order to know more about it. 

Why You Need Wireless Car Charger? 

While going out it is essential to have a wireless charger with you especially if you were about to go by car. It lets your devices get charged in a short amount of time without lucky into the socket. 

Also if you’re the kind of person who likes to grab a wireless charger for getting all of the electronic items gets charge it is better to go with it. There is two Mini wireless car charger available in the market that might get you confused a lot. So as to sort out the issue we’ve compiled the best 5 wireless car chargers. 

What Are The 5 Best Wireless Car Chargers To Buy In 2021?

1.OMNIA C2 Magnetic Wireless Car Charger + Omnia C1 USB -C Fast Charging car Charger

OMNIA C2 Magnetic Wireless Car Charger + Omnia C1 USB -C Fast Charging car Charger

If you usually travel a lot then discharge and might help you. All you need to do is just face it somewhere inside your car and you can charge your camera equipment or other electronic gadgets. It offers you magnetic strap Technology that will fit in your iPhone 12 or any other device that supports wireless charging. 

Apart from this, the all-new OMNIA C2 magnetic charger allows you to charge a couple of devices at once which enhances the usability of the device. 


  • Comes with a magnetic strap. 
  • 100% safe. 
  • It has an adjustable viewing angle. 
  • Compatible with iPhone and other android devices. 
  • Design is made with aluminum alloy with round edges. 

Price:- $74

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2.GRAVITAS Wireless Car Charger 

GRAVITAS Wireless Car Charger 

If you are looking for something crazy then GRAVITAS wireless charger could be the best option for you. It does with enhanced technology of cord-free. Due to gravity, your phone will remain stable at a place to get it charged effortlessly. 

Just within 2 to 3 hours, it will get charged which makes it more powerful and is it to use while driving your car. It is compatible with all of the major devices that you use. The shape looks like a holder but it’s actually a car wireless charger that you can place it anywhere you want. 


  • It comes with an output of 5V. 
  • The material is made of plastic. 
  • Comes in single black color. 
  • Get one year of manufacturer warranty.
  • Availability of micro USB power cord. 

Price:- $19

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3.Smart Touch Auto-Clamping Wireless Car Charger 

Smart Touch Auto-Clamping Wireless Car Charger 

The next one Innova list is a smart touch auto clamping wireless car charger which is basically a gesture-enabled car charger that will let your electronic devices charged. It is entirely risk-free and comes with some of the smart features that will power your devices safely on the way. 

The 360° rotation will help you I’m as a cradle. Also, it comes with GPS control could be a perfect choice for you if you are a Traveller. It has a 3.0 adaptor for car charging that allows you to gear up the devices. 


  • The 3.0 car charging cable. 
  • Made up of soft silicone material. 
  • 360° rotatable. 
  • Prevents your device to get overcharged. 
  • Supports fast charging. 

Price:- $50.99

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4.ENEGARM 2: Smart Auto Clamping Wireless Car Charger 

ENEGARM 2: Smart Auto Clamping Wireless Car Charger 

The next up in our list is ENEGRAM 2: Smart Auto Clamping Wireless Charger. It is basically a device holder along with the wireless charging support that simultaneously charges your devices along with the cables. If you are trying to figure out the best charger for you then you should definitely Look into it. 

And inside it offers you a free GPS unit right into your dashboard that is suitable for your iPhone and Android full stop the fully automatic navigation holder will help you to place your phone safely. 


  • Available in single black color. 
  • The material of the charger is engineering plastic and rubber feet. 
  • Comes with power delayed function. 
  • Get one year of manufacturer warranty. 
  • It is entirely fireproof. 
  • Get a USB charging cable and pouch to hold your charger. 
  • Get voice prompts. 

Price:- $29.99

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5.Ninja Dragon QI – X Universal Wireless Charger With Car Mount Holder 

Ninja Dragon QI - X Universal Wireless Charger With Car Mount Holder 

Last but definitely not the least is ninja dragon Universal wireless charger which is super easy to use. You just have to put your phone on it and it will automatically start charging your device significantly. It comes with a built-in Mount that holds your device tightly in the exact same position. 

As the winter claims of providing 100% safe charging which makes you look upon it. It also supports wireless fast charging mode so that one could hear up the devices just within a while. 


  • It’s 100% secure while charging. 
  • The chip is too responsive. 
  • Get the support for fast charging. 
  • 9V charging support. 
  • Supported both android and iPhones. 

Price:- $21.99

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Final Verdict

In order to maintain sustainability while traveling in the car, it’s better to free plan your trip so that you don’t have to hassle a lot while traveling. Carrying a good set of wireless chargers is very sensual in order to gear up your devices so often. Most of the advanced car has pre-installed wireless charger but for those who don’t have, there are too many options available in the market that you can consider buying. 

This post was all about the 5 best wireless car chargers to buy in 2021. So I have shared the detailed list that you can look up all in order to purchase a good set of wireless chargers. 

5 Best Wireless Car Charger to Buy in 2021

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