4 Best Waterproof Shower Clock for 2021

Do you want to acquire the best waterproof shower clock?

A waterproof shower clock is considered to be the most relevant gadget that offers you great features and accessibility to the time and alarm while you’re in the bathroom. There are multiple other use cases as well as the waterproof shower clock like you can use for carrying on the beach where you can’t carry the phone and other equipment.

People are getting more conscious about time just because no one likes to waste their time at any point. One of the major factors of having a waterproof clock is that you can use it anywhere and carry it even in wet weather. All you need to do is just hand it on the wall to put it on a flat surface and you’ll get to know about the time.

Why You Need a Waterproof Shower Clock?

Undoubtedly the use of a waterproof shower clock is the major one when it comes to time consciousness. Although there is the availability of a normal watch that can let you know about the time but you cannot simply carry it anywhere which is the major drawback if you often see the time and wanted to track it.

In such a situation, the waterproof shower clock could be a great option that allows you to mount/ hang even insider the shower side as it’s completely waterproof. But when it comes to the shower clock there are multiple options available that might get you confused that which one to pick. But nothing to worry about as I’m here to help you out and to share the list of best waterproof shower clocks that you can look upon. So without any further ado let’s get deep into it.

What Are The Best Waterproof Shower Clock?

Following is the list of best waterproof shower clocks:-

1. BALDR Bathroom LCD Waterproof Shower Clock

BALDR Bathroom LCD Waterproof Shower Clock

With this essential for your bathroom on your lap, you’ll know the exact time in the shower, or while applying your makeup. With the waterproof seal, the battery-powered clock will not be able to fog or retain condensation in its case and is, therefore, an ideal item for your kitchen, bathroom boat, etc. It is easy to mount it anywhere you’d like using the table stand that comes with it and hanging slot or suction cups (included).

It displays the temperature inside as well as indoor humidity levels and the time in large, easy-to-read numbers all on only one screen. As it runs upon the battery so even if you’re using it for long months it can run well without any issue.


  • Get access to the 3 different mounting options.
  • It’s made with PET glass and ABS plastic material.
  • Available in silver color option.
  • Get around 1 year of manufacturer warranty.
  • Get access to the larger display time.
  • It can even showcase the indoor temp with both celsius and Fahrenheit.
  • It weighs only 15oz which is a good thing.

Price:- $29.99

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2. BALDR Bathroom LCD Waterproof Shower Clock with Timer

BALDR Bathroom LCD Waterproof Shower Clock with Timer

This all-new digital clock that has the ability to display a touchscreen timer thermometer, hygrometer, and thermometer is elegant and fashionable. It comes in a gorgeous box that is sure to please any user. It is ideal to keep track of the duration of showering or cooking in the kitchen working at the office, observing class time, or even monitoring your exercise routine.

It’s ideal for monitoring the indoor humidity and temperature as well as its sleek design and practicality will surely be loved! This shower clock is tiny and lightweight, as well as portable and easy to use, making it ideal for every occasion. It’s being operated via a battery that can be replaced once it got done with the capacity.


  • It can showcase the 12/24 hours of selectable display.
  • It’s entirely made with ABS plastic material which is pretty durable.
  • Get access to the larger display along with the great build quality.
  • Get over 1 year of manufacturer warranty for better convenience.
  • It weighs only 9oz that you can place it anywhere as per the convenience.
  • It’s completely splash proof.

Price:- $19.99

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3. BALDR Digital Shower Clock with Timer

BALDR Digital Shower Clock with Timer

The main characteristics of the LCD shower clock are its small size and timer function. If you are prone to losing time track when doing morning makeup or having a shower and want a clock for the shower with timer functions is crucial. Set the clock’s timer by pressing the buttons that are touch-sensitive on the sides of the. It is possible to add time to your alarm at intervals of one minute, or in 10-minute increments.

The timer will sound at the conclusion in the counting down. Equipped with the IP24 splash-proof rating the clock was designed to withstand water spray. It also won’t become smudged or have water droplets in its casing. This means that you can use it in your bathroom or kitchen to track the time and conserve water.


  • Get access to the timer that you can use for the increments and the other resources.
  • Get access to the LCD display quality which serves you better output.
  • It supports both 12/24 hours format that you can switch in between as per convenience.
  • It includes the 2X AAA batteries that can be replaced.
  • The flip design looks pretty dope and more convenient.
  • Comes with an IP24 splash proof rating.

Price:- $18.99

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4. KADAMS Digital Bathroom Clock 

KADAMS Digital Bathroom Clock 

Last but definitely not least is the KADAMS digital shower kitchen clock that comes with the IP24 water splashproof rating so that you can easily carry it inside the bathrooms in hand it over there without worrying. I+You can even switch in between the time format of 12/24 hours which might help most of the people out there.

The watch comes with the in-built AAA batteries that can be used for better convenience and change it if it gets down. There are 3 different mounting options that you can look upon while hanging it or even placing it somewhere else. The inbuilt thermometer and hygrometer can let you know more about the surrounding.


  • It weighs only 1334g which is a good thing.
  • It comes with an IP24 rating that makes it splash-proof.
  • Get access to the multiple placements and hanging options so that you can place it wherever you want.
  • It weighs only 134g that makes it truly portable.
  • It comes with an inbuilt thermometer and hydrometer for better convenience.

Price:- $23.99

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Final Verdict

Having a watch is very essential in order to be more time-conscious, no matter what but you need to have a good quality watch that you can carry anywhere even inside the bathroom while taking a shower. So, to help you out I’ve compiled and shared the list of the 4 best shower watches that you can even carry on the beach.

There might be other options available but the watches shared through the detailed post as the best ones that you can look upon. So definitely check them out for better convenience.

4 Best Waterproof Shower Clock for 2021

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