Top 5 Best HDMI Cables in 2021

The use of HDMI cables is constantly increasing day by day just because people are getting more aware of using computer peripherals. If you belong to the technical background then you might be knowing how important it is to have a good quality HDMI cable in order to use it likewise in a more frequent manner. 

There are so many different types of HDMI cables available in the market amongst which you can consider buying but choosing the right one is very essential. In order to give you a quick review, I’ve shortlisted the list of the 5 best HDMI cables that you can purchase in 2021. 

You can use the HDMI cables in multiple ways like for transferring data or for the connectivity of two devices for productive usage. So if you are the one who is supposed to purchase for right HDMI cables make sure to stick with the post till the end and I assure you that by the end of the post you will surely thank me for sharing the details. 

Why Do You Need HDMI Cables?

HDMI cable is one of the essential computer peripherals that you can’t ignore at any instance. It doesn’t matter whether you are a working professional or a Digital entrepreneur for even a student but using an HDMI cable is a kind of common norm these days. 

There are so many use cases of HDMI cables that can’t be identified. One of the basic use cases is that one can easily come to the next two different elements (laptop or PC) in order to share the files or for the usability in a productive manner. 

So having a decent quality HDMI cable is essential, in order to serve you that I’ve compiled the list of best HDMI cables that you could consider buying in 2021. If that interests you, without any further ado let’s get started. 

What Are The Best HDMI Cables In 2021?

Following are the best HDMI Cables amongst which you can pick the one as per the convenience:- 

1. Ethereal EMHDME2 2M HDMI Cable

Ethereal EMHDME2 2M HDMI Cable

The whole EM audio line could be the most secret regarding performance and value in the audio and video industry. EM HDMI cables provide high-quality 1080p 3-D video with a resolution of 4Kx2K, as well as Ethernet through silver-plated solid copper signal conductors with tinned copper braided shields with nitrogen-injected skin-foam-skin insulation. 

The internal design that is built into this EM Series HDMI cable guarantees steady impedance and minimal signal loss to ensure a stable image. Other features include 100 Ohm Impedance as well as Silver Content Solder connections to ensure the longest lasting endurance. With top performance and beautiful appearance, buy this EM Series HDMI cable and we promise you won’t be disappointed.


  • The length of the cable is around 2 meters. 
  • It offers you Audio Return Channel for better convenience. 
  • It consists of silver-plated solid copper signal conductors. 
  • 24K gold plated contact connectors support. 

Price:- $19.92

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2. Monster MCGLDUHD8 8 Ft. Gold Advanced High-Speed HDMI Cable + Ethernet

Monster MCGLDUHD8 8 Ft. Gold Advanced High-Speed HDMI Cable + Ethernet

Next up is Monster MCGLDUHD8. Speed is rated at 17.5 Gbps Ultra HD Gold is designed to be perfect for today’s HDTVs that are standard in 1080P. There’s plenty of bandwidth available to connect all your entertainment devices in your home and ensure they are operating at their best. 

Ultra HD Gold serves as a high-speed digital backbone for systems that comprise every brand of Media Players Cable and Satellite Boxes, Desktop sources, and Laptop sources Game Consoles, and much more.

The cable is compatible with 1080P 3Dand 8-12 bit color to provide realistic color transitions and the ultimate real-world realism.


  • It can handle up to 18GB of speed which is a good thing. 
  • It’s made with 24-carat gold. 
  • It comes with over 1.8 Gbps speed. 
  • Supports up to 1080p. 

Price:- $49.25

Buy now

3. ONE Cable 9′ Premium 8K Ultra HDMI Cable

ONE Cable 9' Premium 8K Ultra HDMI Cable

An ideal solution for high-definition video as well as audio. This cable comes with astonishing HD resolution, 8K image high-quality, HDR images, and transfer rates up to 48 Gbps which allows you to be fully immersed into the game. The brand new 24K gold-plated V-Grip connectors keep the cables securely and offer the safest connection you can find. With super-smooth 120 Hz synchronization and a fast, stable connection, you’ll never be unable to play due to a slow connection. 

You can then add the latest eARC return channel as well as the capability to play 7.1 Dolby Digital surround sound and you’re ready to dominate the world. Purchase this premium cable for the most memorable streaming experience. It’s the most top-of-the-line UHD ONE cable with 8K HDMI.


  • You can stream high-quality videos. 
  • It’s up to 9 ft long. 
  • It can serve 8K video quality. 
  • Get a lifetime manufacturer warranty. 

Price:- $19.99

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4. ONE Cable 12′ Premium 4K Ultra HDMI Connectors

ONE Cable 12' Premium 4K Ultra HDMI Connectors

It’s Equipped with Ethernet and high-definition color processing, you’ll never be able to miss a moment of action. This cable comes with a 27Gbps video transfer speed that lets you stream all your favorite shows and other videos in 1080p resolution or four-channel Ultra HD resolution. 

Uncompressed surround sound features allow you to connect and listen to your favorite audio or video equipment without fear of quality loss. This HDMI cable measures 12 feet in length, giving you more connections with no limits.


  • It’s up to 7 ft long. 
  • Get a lifetime manufacturer warranty. 
  • It’s made with premium metal. 
  • Available in black color. 

Price:- $26.99

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5. Monster MCJHIUHD6V2 Just Hook It Up 6 Ft. HDMI Cable

Monster MCJHIUHD6V2 Just Hook It Up 6 Ft. HDMI Cable

Last but definitely not least is the monster MCJHIUHD6V2 which is surely a good HDI cable in the market.  .Set up your TV with this Monster Simply Hook It up HDMI cable and experience an ultimate home entertainment experience. With just one cable you can connect an array of HD AV equipment and get a clear, high-quality picture and immersive digital audio.


  • It’s around 6ft long. 
  • It can handle ful HD video. 
  • Digital sound accessibility. 

Price:- $19.94

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Final Verdict 

HDMI cable is one of the crucial computer peripherals that one can’t just ignore at any point. There are so many different types of HDMI cables available in the market that might get you confused. In order to serve you a quick review, I’ve shared the list of the best 5 HDMI cables that one can look upon. Also, these are the best in class and made with high-quality material. 

Apart from this, you can also look upon the other essential big lists that’ll let you know more about the requirements. So defitnely check them out as well.

Top 5 Best HDMI Cables in 2021

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