The Best 5 Flash drives for 2021

In the recent posts, we have already covered a bunch of different things about technology and growing This ensures that you can purchase at present. Since the launching of Windows 10 home, most of the manufacturers have already discounted providing disk drives which eventually means the future is all about the flash drives in order to save the data. 

We all know flash drive plays a crucial role when it comes to storing data as it is portable and one can even use it as their convenience as it’s compact in size. One of the unique selling points of the flash drives is its affordable which is a good thing. 

But, which one to choose. As there are several different types of flash drives are available in the market that might get you confused. But no need to worry as I have combined the list of the five best flash drives for 2021 that you can purchase. If that makes any sense to you make sure to stay along with me till the end and you will thank me later. 

Why Do You Need Flash Drives? 

Most of the computers and laptops do have their pre-installed storage devices like hard disk and SSD. Whereas in order to carry some sort of data it is very essential to have a good quality of USB flash drive that is portable and affordable as well. Whereas you can’t carry your laptop or desktop every time but having a flash drive can get your query sorted. 

One of the great benefits of having a USB flash drive is that they are portable and rugged in terms of the build so even if you’re a rough user like me then it could be a great option that will make your day. Now let’s get into the list that signifies the best flash drives. 

What Are The Best 5 Flash Drives In 2021? 

There might be multiple manufacturers available but we’ve shortlisted the best ones that you could look up to:- 

1.datAshur BT 256-bit Encrypted USB Flash Drive

datAshur BT 256-bit Encrypted USB Flash Drive

The iStorage datAshur BT flash drive is a highly secure, hardware encrypted USB 3.2 (Gen 1) flash device. It provides multi-factor smartphone authentication (Android or iOS) via encrypted Bluetooth between the phone and drive. Authenticate your datAshur BT Flash Drive using a password of 7-15 characters or a Biometric unlock through the datAshur BT App. 

It encrypts data using a FIPS-certified AES-XTS 256 bit hardware encryption algorithm. datAshurBT works with every operating system (Windows, Mac Linux, Chrome, and Linux). Devices that support USB mass storage such as computers, medical devices and TVs, drones. Printers, scanners, and printers.


  • It comes with multiple storage types amongst which you can pick the one as per the convenience. 
  • It has a biometric unlock system that’ll help you a lot.
  • Available in two different color options i.e. black and silver. 
  • Get up to 3years of manufacturer warranty. 
  • It’s completely dustproof as it comes with up to IP57 rating.
  • You can access the drive using Bluetooth. 

Price:- $94.99

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2.Xtra Drive Mini USB Flash Drive

Xtra Drive Mini USB Flash Drive

The Xtra Drive Mini USB Flash Drive, a thumb-sized MicroSD card reader, comes with a 16GB bonus memory card. You can instantly increase the storage space of your iPhone, iPad or iPod by using this mini USB flash drive. It can hold up to 256GB. This portable memory solution is equipped with a Lightning connector, standard USB connector, and microSD card slot. 

It allows you to transfer files and swap content between all your devices. Simply connect the lightning connector to your smartphone to free up space quickly. The Xtra Drive Mini allows you to easily transfer all of your favorite photos and videos from Micro SD-based cameras onto your iOS device. You can view, edit and upload them on the move.


  • It’s travel-friendly and portable too which makes it too rugged in terms of build.
  •  The build is of good quality and made with plastic material. 
  • It can be connected using both a lightning and USB ports.
  • Ideal for both windows and iOS users.
  • Get a limited manufacturer warranty. 
  • The storage is up to 16 GB which makes you store more data in it. 

Price:- $34.99

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3.Unirex USFW332 32GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive

Unirex USFW332 32GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive

The next up in our list is Unirex USFW332 which allows you to store the data up to 32 GB. Although it supports over 3.0 flash drive accessibility that makes it even more reliable in each aspect. There’s not any requirement of the driver to make it run and that’s what makes it the perfect flash drive for you that you could consider buying. 

The minimal design makes it look good and the covering tip helps it to avoid any kind of damage at an instance. 


  • Compatible with both Windows and Mac OS.
  • It has more than 10 years of data retention. 
  • There’s no requirement for drivers to make it run.
  • Its minimal design looks too good while using it. 
  • Integrated loop. 

Price:- $15 

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4.datAshur® PRO² 256-bit Encrypted USB 3.2 Flash Drive

datAshur® PRO² 256-bit Encrypted USB 3.2 Flash Drive

Flash drives are used for transferring files and storing them on the go, whether it’s for school, work or business. These drives can be easy targets for hackers and malware, but they are not always the most common. Never compromise your data again! The datAshur(r), PRO2 flash drive offers advanced data security. The datAshur(r), PRO2, offers maximum security against hackers. 

It features 100% real-time military-grade AES-XTS256-bit Hardware encryption and unique incorporation of a Common Criteria EAL4+-ready secure microprocessor. A unique PIN can be set for the User and Administrator. This will ensure that only trusted people can access your files. datAshur(r), PRO2 works on any platform and requires no additional software.


  • No software is required for the usage of the flash drive. 
  • You can secure the 7-15 digit pin for better convenience. 
  • Available in black color. 
  • Weight over 1.3 oz.
  • Complete malware protection is provided. 

Price:- $79.95

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5.cloudAshur® Encryption Module USB3 256-bit

cloudAshur® Encryption Module USB3 256-bit

cloudAshur, which is compatible with all major cloud providers, allows users encryption in the most secure manner possible, to share encrypted data in real-time with authorized users, and to centrally manage cloudAshur devices. cloudAshur can be used to encrypt data on a PC, Mac, any portable storage device, as well as files shared via email and file-sharing software. cloudAshur eliminates the vulnerabilities inherent in cloud platforms such as unauthorized access and lack of control.

cloudAshur gives the user complete and secure access to the encryption key. This protects the data even if it is compromised. The cloudAshur’s unique five-factor authentication increases security by keeping the encryption key out of the cloud. This allows for a greater number of authentication factors, beyond the cloud account login.


  • The flash drive is IP68 certified. 
  • The flash drive consists of pin authentication support. 
  • Get up to 3 years of manufacturer warranty. 
  • Compatible with multiple platforms and OS.

Price:- $115.95

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Final Verdict

Flash drive is considered to be the most intuitive resource that allows you to store the data in it that makes the sense. So if you’re the one who’s looking for the most basic but user-friendly flash drives then this post might help you in an instance as I’ve shared the list of the best 5 flash drives that you could consider buying. So definitely check it out. 

The Best 5 Flash drives for 2021

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