5 Best Car Chargers for Your Next Road Trip

While having a road trip its very essential to have a car chargers with a significant amount of output that may help you to get all of your camera equipment charged in a short amount of time. Although there are very few of the best options available in the market amongst which you need to opt the best as per the convenience.

This post is all about the 5 best car chargers for your next road trip that you could consider buying. So make sure to stay along with me till the end in order to get output at a higher instance. 

Why do You need To Opt Car Charger?

These days, USB car chargers are very affordable. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to buy any charger. Our curated guide will help to find the best USB-C and micro-USB chargers.

It can be difficult to find a USB-C charger for your car. Many USB-C chargers will not be able to charge your device at their maximum speed. Some may even fail to charge at all. A lot of USB-C chargers that are poorly designed can cause damage to your device. You can find out which USB-C chargers you should buy to determine if a charger is safe or dangerous.

Micro-USB cables or USB-A chargers can be as simple and as safe as USB-C chargers. You can buy the most affordable dual-port model. USB-C Power Delivery is not compatible with USB-A ports. This means that you cannot fast-charge devices without Quick Charge.

What Are The Best Car Chargers For Your Next Road Trip?

There might be so many options available in the market amongst which you can choose the one that fits in your budget, to let you know we’ve compiled the list of best car chargers that’ll get your job done. And moreover, they’re affordable too. 

1.USB Car Charger Emergency Escape Tool

USB Car Charger Emergency Escape Tool

The original, patent-pending emergency escape tool, the Stinger Emergency Tool, can be easily integrated into your daily life. It can be used as a phone charger, and also serves as an emergency tool that can save lives in case of an accident. It includes a sharp blade that can be used to cut your seatbelt and a spring-loaded glass breaker that can quickly and easily smash any window in an emergency. The multifunctional design of the emergency tool keeps it within easy reach. It is designed to serve an everyday purpose so that you can always reach it in a crisis situation.


  • Available in single black color. 
  • Made with plastic and blade.
  • Get 1 year of manufacturer warranty. 
  • Return is available.
  • Supports fast charging for preferred devices. 

Price:- $12.50

Buy now

2.ChargeHub V3: 3-Port USB Car Charger

ChargeHub V3: 3-Port USB Car Charger

ChargeHub V3 allows you to go long distances without worrying about battery drain. SmartSpeed Technology allows you to charge up to three devices simultaneously using this car charger. It can also charge up to 2.4A per port. This USB charger is ideal for daily car travel as it has three ports that allow for simultaneous high-speed charging of the driver and passengers. All USB-powered devices are compatible, including Apple and Android smartphones, gaming and power banks, digital cameras, and other devices.


  • Made with a glossy finish. 
  • Weighs less than 0.04lbs. 
  • Get 1 year of manufacturer warranty. 
  • USB output is 2.4V.
  • Available in single black color option. 
  • Get a free user manual.

Price:- $19.99

Buy now

3.VogDUO Car Charger Go

VogDUO Car Charger Go

If you’re searching for something great then you should definitely look upon the all-new VogDUO car charger go that comes with 30W power output that’ll surely help you to get the device charged just within a while. Also, it’s easy to access due to its compact size and lightweight. For regular users, the VogDUO car charger go could be the best option that one could look upon. Also one of the major USPs of this device is its affordable pricing that’ll surely fit in your budget.


  • Serves you 30W of supply to get your gear charged.
  • Supports all USB-C type devices. 
  • Produces fast charging support. 
  • You can monitor the car battery. 

Price:- $19.99

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4.EVRI 45W USB-C Car Charger

EVRI 45W USB-C Car Charger

The all-new EVRI EVRI 45W USB-C Car Charger has a compact, sleek design that allows USB Type-C devices while you drive. EVRI Car’s USB Type-C connector makes it simple to plug in anywhere, anytime. EVRI Car is equipped with 45W continuous power and can charge USB Type-C tablets, smartphones, and laptops. The USB-A port can also be used to charge legacy devices simultaneously. Even if you’re having a tight budget it’s better to opt for this one as it’s more affordable. 


  • Serves you over 45W supply for the fast charging.
  • USB type -C.
  • Made with a glossy finish. 
  • Supports up to 100W charging for fast charging. 
  • Supports both USB-C and USB-A.

Price:- $19.95

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5.Twin Ports 3-in-1 USB Car Charger

Twin Ports 3-in-1 USB Car Charger

Last but definitely not least is the Twin Ports 3-in-in USB car charger that’ll help you to get your devices charged. Also, it’s a fast charger so you don’t have to worry about it if you’re in hurry. Additionally, you get a warranty with it which can be accessed in order to take over any of the issues. So if you’re the one who’s looking for something great it’s better to adopt the Twin USB charger. 


  • Comes with both black and white color options. 
  • It outputs over 5V charging. 
  • You can also charge multiple devices with it. 
  • It’s a 3-in-1 USB charger. 

Price:- $12.99

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Final Verdict

Due to the availability of too many, you might get confused that which one to choose amongst. In order to help you out in such a situation, I’ve compiled the list of best car USB chargers that’ll surely help you in an instance. Moreover, they’re affordable to so even if you’re having a tight budget it’s better to adopt this charger. 

So make sure to check them out.

Best Car Chargers for Your Next Road Trip

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