Top 5 Best Budget Bluetooth Speakers Under $30

The trend of wireless devices has pumped up, the reason is pretty simple. As most of the companies are offering tremendous gadgets cope with the wireless connectivity. So without any hassle you can use these devices rather than always sticking with the connected device. 

Especially when it comes to the entertainment how can we forget the bluetooth speaker which essentially a good product norms at present. People do want tot listen to their favorite genres. In that case good speaker plays a crucial role. 

This post is all about the top 5 best budget bluetooth speakers under $30 that you can consider purchasing. Although the list of bluetooth speaker I’ll be revealing through this post is based upon my personal experiences of bluetooth speakers usage. 

So, I can bet upon none of the speakers in this list will let you down at any instance. If that interested you make sure to stay along with me till the end. 

What Are Top 5 Best Budget Bluetooth Speakers Under $30

There might be tons of bluetooth speakers available throughout the marketplace coming out of several brands. But here we’ve compiled the list of best ones that serves you value for money you pay. 

So let’s dive deep into it. 

1.HyperGear Splash water resistant Speaker 

HyperGear Splash Water-Resistant Speaker

The all new HyoerGear wireless bluetooth speaker comes with some of the advanced connectivity that defines it true services. If you’re music lover this product will surely fulfill your need. 

Although it’s entirely water resistant so you don’t even have to worry much about it even if you’re supposes to use it in the areas like ocean and pools. The lightweight speaker allows you to hold it anywhere you want without getting your hand jammed. 

With over 33ft wireless connectivity and range the HyperGear serve you better compatibility that’ll help you to make the speaker more augmented. Apart from this it also has the inbuilt microphone and remote that allows you to take the calls even if you’re far away from the connected device. 

It come with the high performing battery that makes it last for a longer time without worrying much about the battery usage. 


  • Comes with a single black color option. 
  • The material of speaker is silicone and rubber which makes it even more sturdy. 
  • It usually takes 2-3 hours to get entirely charges. 
  • Comes with IPX4 waterproof rating. 
  • Latest bluetooth version i.e. 4.1.
  • Lighter in weight and portable as well. 

Price:- $15.99

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2.xFyron ORION Wireless Waterproof Speaker 

xFyron ORION Wireless Waterproof Speaker 

The next up in our list is xFyrom ORION wireless waterproof speaker which came with 100% waterproof technology that allows you to use it even while taking a shower or chilling at a pool. So if you’re a music lover this bluetooth speaker will surely get your job done. 

For accessibility of the phone calls they also has the 2 microphone installed so there will not be any issues regarding voice assessment. The design of the xFyron ORION is pretty minimal and sophisticated. 

Beyond the line it comes with 5 p67 waterproof rating along with the eight hours of play time support which makes it long lasting on a single charge. Due to it’s fast charging support the speaker gets charged just within a couple of hours which allows you to carry it anywhere you want. 


  • Available in black color which looks pretty minimal. 
  • The body is made up of aluminum and plastic.
  • Playtime of around 8 hours which makes true sense. 
  • Gets charged just within 1.5 hours. 
  • Get access to the 5V charger which supports fast charging. 
  • 1 year manufacturer guarantee. 

Price:- $21.99 

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3.Cutie Pie Mini Speaker 

Cutie Pie Mini Speaker

The Cutie Pie mini speaker is a new rival in the market comes with more enhanced speaker quality along with few of the other functionality which makes it a perfect speaker for the one who’s searching for the portable and authentic speakers. 

It serves you over 5 hours of constant playback support and ggs charged just within an hour. Although it’s does not have a fast charging support which might bother you if your child e in hurry and wanted to get it charged. 

It’s metallic body along with the solid rubber finish makes it perfect speaker in all the way. So make sure eot check it out once. 


  • Available in black color which makes it look dope. 
  • It supports 4 hours of battery life which allows you to play it constantly without any hassle. 
  • The battery is rechargeable. 
  • The portability and lightweight makes it perfect bluetooth speaker. 
  • Get 30 days of money back guarantee. 

Price:- $24.99

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4.JBL JRPOPRED JR POP Portable Bluetooth Speaker for Kids – Red

JBL JRPOPRED JR POP Portable Bluetooth Speaker for Kids - Red

If you’re willing to acquire colorful speaker them the JBL JR POP portable bluetooth speaker could be the best choice you would ever make. It’s not only smaller and lighter in size but alongside you can use it the way you want. 

One thing which might fascinate you to look upon the JBL JR POP is it’s bright blinking light which makes it look even better in the dark scenario. Also the IPX7 rating makes it entirely waterproof. So even if you’re supposed to carry inside a poll it’s truly possible. 

You can easily use its star to hang it anywhere you want rather thank holding it in your hands all the time. 


  • Best wireless streaming speaker. 
  • Super portable comes with the strap that can be used in a multiple ways. 
  • Comes with IPX7 rating which make sit entirely waterproof. 
  • Serve you over 5 hours of battery life in play back. 

Price:- $29.95

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5.Brookstone Big Blue Go Compact Wireless Bluetooth Speaker 

Brookstone Big Blue Go Compact Wireless Bluetooth Speaker 

Last but definitely not the least is brookstone big blue go compact wireless bluetooth speaker that comes with easy control and compact size. So if you are searching for an authentic and portable bluetooth wireless speaker then you could definitely Look upon it. 

A pretty minimal design along with the LED indication light makes it perfect gadget that you can carry with you. It has two ports accessibility i.e. Type C and 3.5 mm jack so that you can set up it with the multiple other devices. 

The 10 hours of long lasting battery life makes it the perfect speaker that supports latest bluetooth 5.0 version. So you won’t be facing any of the issues regarding it’s connectivity. 


  • Get up to 10 hours of battery life. 
  • The bluetooth 5.0 makes it more convenient. 
  • Get two different ports accessibility i.e. type-C and 3.5mm jack. 
  • IPX7 waterproof rating so that you can carry it anywhere you want. 

Price:- $29.99

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Final Verdict

Currently bluetooth speaker are considered to be the best way to enhance your favourite genre listening. Although there might be tons of speakers available in the market that allows you to hold it anywhere you want. But we have shared the true value for money that you can definitely look up on If I were supposed to save your money. 

So these were the top 5 best budget bluetooth speaker that you can purchase. So definitely check it out once.

Top 5 Best Budget Bluetooth Speakers Under $30
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