Apple Macbook Air 13.3 core i5, 4GB RAM 128 GB SSD- Silver (Refurbished)

When it comes to laptop manufacturing Apple is the leader. With its MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, it leads the market of laptop manufacturing. Apple is providing one of the best laptops available with the best hardware specs and software optimization. When it comes to buying Apple products, they are too expensive and not everybody can afford these. Then there comes the market for refurbished laptops. Refurbished laptops are basically laptops that was replaced by the company and is basically a somewhat new laptop but without any box or warranty.

Refurbished laptops are sold everywhere in the market and you can easily find a refurbished laptop at a much lower price as compare to new laptops of the same variants. These laptops provide much more value as compared to the new ones which are usually pretty much similar but way to much expensive. These laptops are also better than used Laptops as these laptops are not used they are replacement of a used laptop which was damaged or not working properly.

When it comes to buying an Apple refurbished laptop there are way too many options available. So I will tell you about an Apple Macbook Air 13.3 core i5, 4GB RAM 128 GB SSD- Silver (Refurbished) laptop. Which is Macbook Air 2015.

Apple Macbook 2015

Apple Macbook Air 13.3 core i5, 4GB RAM 128 GB SSD- Silver (Refurbished)

This laptop was launched on June 10, 2015. It was launched at 1099 $. It was a great product for users. It has all the features of a great laptop. It was very expensive at the time of its release date but that’s not a problem anymore as it is much cheaper than it’s released price and offer a great value for money.

It has a sleek premium design after all it’s an Apple product. It provides a look of a very premium laptop which is why people love it to tell the date. It was one of the thinnest laptops at its release date and it competes with the Laptop these days in the manner of design and Looks. In terms, of design, the only thing that seems to look outdated is its large bezels.

You would be thinking that it is not good to buy a 5 to 6 years old laptop. Believe me or not this Laptop is still officially sold by apple and available on Apple’s official website.

These laptops are way too old but these MacBook of 2015 models are still one of the best budget-oriented laptops for users.

This is because they have pretty much great features that still competes with present-day laptops. The first reason for this being a great laptop is its port selections this MacBook had USB 3.0 ports which was a used thing for laptops of that time.

The other biggest reason that some people are still buying this laptop is because of its keyboard. Its keyboard was not suffering from any of the issues that laptops of these days suffer and it is also considered to be a very comfortable keyboard as compare to the 2018 MacBook air. This is because it has a much deeper key depth of 0.14 mm than the 0.7 mm of the 2018 MacBook Air.

Another big reason for buying a 2015 laptop is its price. MacBook Air is considered as a budget variant of MacBooks but they still cost you around 1,200$. Which is a relatively high price especially for students who are looking to buy a budget laptop. The MacBook Air 2015 will only cost you around 600-700$. This is great for students who are looking for a budget laptop but that provides a good performance.

Specs of Apple Macbook Air 2015

MacBook Air features great specs for its users. Here are some of the specs of Macbook Air 2015 :

The MacBook air 2015 has a 13.3 inches LED-backlit widescreen display that has the support of millions of colors. It has a resolution of 900p which is not that high as compared to modern-day standards but it is a pretty much decent display.

The MacBook air features 128GB SSD which is a great thing for a budget laptop as it makes the laptop much more faster and smooth in terms of loading the program. Today not all modern budget laptops feature an SSD which is provided by ma book air 2015.

It has an interview i5 processor clocked at 1.6 Giga Hz with a turbo boost of 2.7 Giga Hz. It also has a 3 MB of L3 cache.

It has 4GB of RAM which can be expanded up to 8 GB.

In terms of battery life, it has a battery timing of up to 10 hours when fully charged. It comes with a 45-watt power adapter.

It features a great operating system which is Mac Os Sierra.

The laptop has a height of 0.11 inches, a width of 12.8 inches, depth of 8.94 inches. The weight of the Laptop is 2.96 pounds.

The Macbook Air 2015 features a web camera with a 720p resolution.


It is a great budget laptop that has some great features that are pretty much up to mark to this day and provide a great value for money. It is an excellent laptop for students and users who don’t have a really high budget still wanted an excellent laptop with great features that provide powerful performance at a very reasonable price and come from Apple.

This laptop also has some limitations as it is a 2015 laptop that comes with an old processor of intel core i5 5th generation which is very well optimized but it is still an old processor. The laptop only features a maximum of 8 GB ram which is enough for normal usage but you can’t expand it.

The new variant of this laptop is not recommended to buy in 2015 but the refurbished version is great for the price to performance ratio and offers much more value for money as compare to the apples new Macbook Air 2015.

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