3 Amazing Smartphone Tripods to use in 2021

Mobile photography and videography is constantly growing just because people are heading off to it in an insane amount. The reason behind this is that most of the mobile manufacturers are upgrading their camera sensors in a great way that and click butter pictures and take better footage than before. 

But in order to maximize the true potential of the mobile camera it is better to have a good set of tripod that will hold your device and allows you to shoot in a intuitive manner. The entire market is filled with varieties of tripods like Gorilla pods, monopods etc. Selecting the best one is very essential as each one of them performs very different from each other and have different use cases. 

Through this post we will be sharing the three best smartphone tripod that you can use in 2021 and enhance your skills. If that makes sense to you make sure to stay along with me till the end and I or show you that you will be having a list of smartphone tripods to choose amongst. 

Why You Need Mobile Tripod? 

Well there are so many advantages of using a tripod amongst which one use case of it is that it reduces the camera movement and improve the picture quality. Let’s say if you are taking a pictures of sunrise or sunset you can implement your mobile on it and click better pictures. 

It also reduces shaky footage and improves the video quality as well which is a good thing.  The camera quality of mobile is constantly increasing day by day that’s why people are likely to admire mobile photography is up on the demand. And tripod is a essential element that you cannot ignore.

Alongside even if you’re willing to vlog using phone it’s truly possible using the monopods which are truly handy and has unique use cases for the video shoot. 

What Are The 3 Best Amazing Smartphone Tripods? 

Although there are tons of options available in the market amount which I have chosen the three best one that will fit in your budget, so here are they:- 

1.ADURO U-Stream Flex Tripod Portable Streaming Studio

ADURO U-Stream Flex Tripod Portable Streaming Studio

You can stream video and take photos with the ADURO UStream Flex Tripod Portable Streaming Station. You can get clearer and more stable images thanks to its 360deg rotating angle and rubber legs. Bluetooth connectivity means you don’t have to run to your phone. 

The remote control allows you to capture and record photos even up to 30 feet away. This remote control is ideal for vlogging or working remotely. It is lightweight and portable so you can take it with you on your travels.


  • It comes with 360° rotation support. 
  • It has rubber legs that can be changed. 
  • Portable and small in size which might suit you if you’re a blogger or looking for mini tripod. 
  • Comes with remote which has bluetooth connectivity. 
  • Versatile for the mobile users and go-to users. 

Price:- $15.99

Buy now

2.ADURO U-Stream Mini Selfie Stick Tripod with Bluetooth Remote Control

ADURO U-Stream Mini Selfie Stick Tripod with Bluetooth Remote Control

You want to envy those flawless YouTube channels and vlogs? Aduro’s U-Stream Mini Selfie Stick tripod with Bluetooth remote control makes it easy to recreate them. The tripod has a 360 degree rotating angle, which allows you to stream video and take photos hands-free from your ideal position. 

The U-Stream 18″ selfie stick extendable tripod folds out so it can be used on any surface. You can take photos, start or stop recording at 30 feet away using the wireless Bluetooth remote control. If you are an youtuber or a vlogger this is the perfect fit that comes with a bluetooth connectivity. It allows you to click pictures even if you’re at certain distance from your camera/ smartphone. 

It’s the multipurpose tripod which is compact in size and one can even use it as a selfie stick which is a good thing and that’s what makes it perfect choice for you. 


  • Comes with remote that has a Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Made with metal and plastic material which makes it durable. 
  • You get a lifetime manufacturer warranty. 
  • Foldable design allows you to carry it anywhere as it’s too portable. 
  • Perfect choice for taking selfies, travel photographs and vlog. 

Price:- $15.99

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3.Square Jellyfish JLYGRTMJL18 Grip Tripod Mount with Jelly Long Legs

Square Jellyfish JLYGRTMJL18 Grip Tripod Mount with Jelly Long Legs

The all new Jellyfish tripod is specifically made for the users who’s supposed to hold their smartphone and keep it stable for the sake of taking pictures or videos. The tripod has a ball point that allows you to move it in a direction as per the convenience. 

For every single camera users it could be a perfect choice just because it is lightweight and weighs only 2.6 oz which makes it perfect fir. Also if you’re a blogger or a video content creator this tripod will help you take better pictures without any affection. 

The mount is truly wide and has a support of clip that allows you to hold the smartphone in a landscape mode. 


  • Perfect choice for vloggers and content creators. 
  • Truly portable and sturdy which serves you a better durability. 
  • Rotated in any direction as per the convenience. 
  • Truly affordable and one can it in multiple was as per the need. 
  • The jelly grip allows you to hold it for a longer time. 

Price:- $16.95

Buy now

Final Verdict

If you are trying to purchase tripod but if you are bit confused that which one to choose in this post might help you a lot as we have compiled and share the three most basic and affordable tripods that allows you to use it as per the convenience. They have multiple use cases which is a great thing. 

Apart from this it comes with mobile holder where you can fit the device and Mount it anywhere you want which we use you a stability and then click a better pictures and videos as well. If that influences you make sure to check them out. 

3 Amazing Smartphone Tripods to use in 2021

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