These 3-Layer Masks Filter Out 95% of Germs and Particles

As we are all aware, wearing face mask coverings while out in public is now strongly recommended — and in some areas even mandated — to help slow down the spread of the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). This list of approved coverings includes KN95 masks (not to be confused with N95 covers, which should be reserved for medical professionals). MyMedic, a best-selling first aid supply company, has designed KN95 particulate respirator masks that block out harmful particles, germs, and chemicals and keep you safe while you’re out and about.

Made with a medical-grade filtration and offering a 3-layer protection filter, these FDA-registered masks block out 95% of airborne contamination. The breathable yet durable filtration system is dust-proof and is useful in protecting against germs, dust, air pollution, heavy fumes, odors, and more. Whether you’re taking a trip to the grocery store to stock up on essentials, taking a stroll around a busy city street, or finally getting to the DIY coffee table painting project you’ve been putting off, these masks will help protect you.

The masks are constructed from soft needle filter cotton and comfortably fit face shapes of all types. An adjustable and flexible nasal nose piece is included and is designed to comfortably contour to the shape of your nose for a perfect fit. Other design features include a large mask surface and widened adjustable ear straps, allowing for maximum comfort while blocking harmful air pathogens.

While a 10-pack of face masks can reach ludicrous price points, you can purchase a pack of sturdy face covers today for only $27.99. Ease your worries about breathing in harmful particles with the mighty and essential Medical Grade KN95 Particulate Respirator Mask Bundle.

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